NY Warrants

Committing a crime is never a good idea. Not only can you see immediate consequences, but those down the line as well. In some cases, you could go a couple months or even years before even finding out that you have a warrant -- which will happen in a way that you don’t expect and that can often be just a sore thumb in a well deviated plan. In other words, right when you least expect it at a time that is worse for you, you will learn you have a warrant in many cases when you are traveling through the state and are pulled over for a regular traffic stop. As the officer runs your name, your warrants will appear, causing an unexpected trip to jail. If it is the weekend, you could have to wait until the next weekday before the matter can be sorted.

  • The best way to go is to avoid committing any type of crime -- but the truth is, things happen, and sometimes you could end up with a warrant for a minor offense that you haven’t even realized you committed. Whether you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, someone identifies you by accident for a crime you didn’t commit, or if you have failed to pay your traffic tickets, you could have a warrant without even knowing.
  • So, how can you check for a warrant in New York? If you want to sort the matter before going to jail, your best option is to visit a lawyer and ask them to run your name, or visit one of the online warrant checks, such as newyorkwarrants.org or others that will check your record for any current or outstanding warrants, showing you why you have a warrant and where it is at.
Why Perform NY Criminal Warrant Check?

  • If you want to make sure that you aren’t driving around with a warrant, or if you expect that you have a warrant due to a conflict or issue you have been involved in recently, it is a good idea to perform a criminal warrant check in New York. You can visit the local police station if you wish, but chances are you will be taken in if there is a warrant out for you. Even if it is a simple bench warrant, you will have to be held at least for a few hours while bond is collected or the issue is sorted appropriately.
  • A warrant check in New York is too easy to obtain to allow warrants to remain active without attention. If you are aware of the warrant, you can seek out appropriate representation to ensure that you don’t have to spend time in jail -- or not a great deal of time if you do. You should also be well prepared for your defense so you are able to resolve the issue in the easiest and quickest method possible.
Search online for an attorney in New York today if you have a warrant or have any type of criminal or civil matter that requires you appear in court or have the need for some sort of resolution.