NY Dealers & Auto Industry

The New York DMV does much more than regulate drivers in the state, also regulating dealers and other companies within the auto industry, working alongside these companies within the auto industry in New York to ensure that drivers are protected from all threats – even those on paper. Purchasing a vehicle in the state of New York should be a regulated transaction, ensuring that drivers don't risk their financial status and their purchase of a vehicle to a dealer that is no good.

Dealers and auto industry companies in New York are mandated by New York law to obtain the appropriate licensing, ensure the same from those working within these companies, will require specific information pertaining to the market they compete within, will require various forms to ensure that processes are carried out properly and efficiently, and even have their own handbook to ensure that they are aware of the various implications and responsibilities they encounter in the industry. There are also various ways they must protect themselves and also prove financial responsibility in the event of incidents that could be of financial liability to the dealer or company.

New York Dealer Licensing

  • You are required in the state of New York to hold a special license to sell vehicles within the state. This is to not only protect consumers, but yourself as well from financial upset due to noncompliance issues or other situations that can occur if you aren't licensed. If you have decided to get your dealership or auto industry business in New York started, you should first visit Motor Vehicle Dealers & Transporters Regulations to get a full understanding of what is expected and what you will encounter in the market and industry. Applying for your license will follow a specific process, which includes the original form submission of Form VS-1.1, with full instructions on application and the fees associated found at the New York DMV site, Original Facility Application.
  • Those within the business can also obtain the New York salesperson license, which although not required, could add integrity and credibility to the names of the salespeople within your business, which is great for those businesses that are looking for a higher reputation within the state.
New York Dealership and Auto Industry Forms

  • When you are in the auto industry in New York, operating your own dealership or another similar business, you will have several forms that you interact with from time to time. Knowing where these forms are and how to get them, as well as how they are used to complete the various processes within your business is important, and easy at 4dmv.com. In fact, you can get most of your New York DMV dealership and auto industry forms online directly from the NY DMV, or by calling the DMV directly and requesting the bulk forms or single forms you may need.
NY Dealership Handbook

  • There is a specific handbook provided for dealers in New York to use in order to get the information you need for basic to more extensive dealership and auto industry matters that you will likely encounter, regulations you must comply with, procedures you will complete, and much more. You can get the handbook right online, for easy and free access needed by all those interested in starting their own automobile-based business within New YorkMotor Vehicle Dealers & Transporters Regulations. 
More Dealership and Auto Industry Information

  • Find out what surety bonds are, if you need one, and how they can help you protect your consumers and yourself. You should know how to access these bonds as well, getting the bonding you need for adequate operation within New York. You should also be familiar with the New York Lemon Law in order to ensure you are well aware of what you must do to ensure that you are never responsible for the sale of a Lemon – as described by NY state law.