NY Drivers – Over 18

Over 18 and ready to get your driver's license? What type of license are you interested in, or are you eligible for? What must you do to get your license? What procedures do you follow? Is there special paperwork involved? Well, you are in luck because 4dmv.com has collected all the necessary information for you – leaving you only with the task of getting your license as quickly as possible, with no lag in waiting to find the information and resources you will need.

What License Are You Getting

Those over the age of 18 will obtain a Class D license to have basic driving privileges in the state, however, there are different types of licensing – which is best for you to understand so you are aware of what license you can and will receive.

  • Class D Operator License: Issued to qualified drivers 18 + or 17 year old drivers with MV-285 certification.
  • Class DJ Junior License: Issued to drivers under 18 providing restricted Class D privileges for new underage drivers.
  • CDL Commercial License: Issued to qualified commercial drivers.
  • Motorcycle License: Issued to those operating qualified motor bikes within New York.
  • Class E Taxi and Livery License: Issued to drivers of passenger for-hire vehicles that carry up to 14 passengers.
**Please not that drivers under the age of 18 will be subject to New York's Graduating License Law, which provided you with a driver's license in New York that graduates through stages as you progress. Drivers' Ed or a prelicensing course will be required to get your New York driver's license.

Taking Driver's Ed

Drivers under 18 are required to first complete Driver's Ed or an approved prelicensing course before they can schedule a New york road exam for a driver's license. Drivers 17 or older won't be required to submit certification the Certification of 50 Hours of Supervised Driving as long as one of these courses has been completed satisfactorily, with the written test exempt with these classes even if you are under 17.

  • Drivers who are 18 or older and are getting a first-time New York driver's license must complete Driver's Ed or a prelicensing course as well, with the certificate from one of these courses needed to schedule your road exam as well.
Proper Preparation for the Driver's Written Exam

Taking the New York written exam for your license can be a bit challenging, and can be a bit of a nerve wrecker as well – especially if you haven't properly prepared. If you aren't sure how to prepare appropriately for the test so you can pass with ease, studying the Driver's Manual available online or offline right from the New York DMV. There are also practice tests offered to help you be sure that your studying is paying off.

Locate a Close DMV Office

The New York DMV doesn't schedule written exam appointments, which means that you will need to determine the best time to go into the DMV to save time. If you give the DMV a call, they will give you an idea of the time of day when there is less traffic through the office so you can come in and get your written exam with time to spare. You want to report to the DMV no less than an hour before closing to be sure you have sufficient time to complete your exam.

  • To find the right contact numbers and location addresses for DMV offices that provide the written exam, visit DMV Telephone Call Centers
Your License Testing Day

When you arrive to the New York DMV to get your license, there is a complete process that will be completed, with the necessary documents and paperwork, which must all be done in-office. If you want to save the most time possible, make sure that you are aware of what to expect and what you will be required to do.

  1. Complete Application for Driver License, Form MV-44 – available online.
  2. Provide accurate proof of your identity and age.
  3. Provide your Social Security card. For those who cannot obtain a Social Security number, you must provide an accurate statement from the SSA.
  4. Pass your vision exam.
  5. Pass your written exam – however, you are exempt from this exam with MV-285 certificate proving completion of Driver's Ed or a prelicensing course.
  6. Pay appropriate fee, up to $115 according to age, paid by cash, check, or credit card. This fee is required for  your permit and license as you will not be utilizing the permit.
If you are new to the state of New York, you will follow the same process but will have to surrender your out-of-state license, with a $10 application fee and appropriate driver's license fee, which you can find at Fees for Your First Learner Permit and Driver License

Your Vehicle Responsibilities

In order to take your driver's exam behind the wheel, you will need to have a New York registered vehicle with the appropriate auto insurance. If you don't have a vehicle, you can purchase in several ways, both used and new, but don't forget to obtain a vehicle history report if you decide that a used vehicle is best for you. A vehicle history report could prevent you from investing in a vehicle that may not be advertised or sold with the details that you really should know.

  • To get vehicle insurance sufficient for New York, you can check out 4dmv.com's insurance center online for New York, detailing the minimum insurance policy standards and how or where to find the best policy with the best rate for you.
  • Don't forget that comparative quotes are great for finding competitive rates that will help you better find a policy that offers the best savings possible. You can't drive in New York without insurance, and that goes for the driver's test as well, so make sure that you are insured before you schedule your New York road test.
Taking Your New York Road Exam

Preparing for your New York driving test will involve scheduling, as you need an appointment to have the test administered within the busy DMV office. To schedule your driving test, call the New York DMV at 1-518-402-2100, or visit Schedule your road test online for quicker and more convenient appointment scheduling. You can use these same channels for scheduling your commercial driver's road test as well.

** Remember that these tests are typically booked up to 6 months ahead, so be sure to get your appointment before you do anything else.

  • The New York road test will consist of different maneuvers and techniques, which could take between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the traffic and other external factors, as well as your preparation too. An examiner will be with you in the vehicle as you take the exam, marking points for the different maneuvers and techniques, rating your overall driving during the test.
  • If you pass the exam, you will be issued a New York interim license that remains valid for a period of no more than 90 days. You must keep your learning permit until the driver's license arrives in the mail, which can take 4 – 6 weeks, more or less.
  • If you fail the exam, you can always schedule another test at no charge – just remember there will be a wait until your next exam due to the volume of appointments each day. If you still don't pass, you will be required to pay a $10 fee which provides you with 2 more tries. If you pass on the first try, you won't be refunded any of the fee, but will get your license so likely won't care. The $10 fee and two more tries is applicable until you pass the test indefinitely – hopefully it doesn't take you many attempts to pass. If you are having difficulty, remember that there are driver training courses offered to give you a better stance behind the wheel.