Check New York Employee DMV Driving Records

Obtain New York employee DMV driving records within seconds with We provide information and resources for all driving-related inquiries.

New York employers have the option of obtaining DMV driving records on any potential or current employee. These DMV records provide information on individuals that allow employers to make informed decisions as to whether they should be behind the wheel of company vehicles.

Employers can expect to find pertinent information on employee DMV driving records that include all marks that accumulated against a driver. These marks include driving citations, collisions, convictions and departmental actions – valuable information for New York employers.

New York employers have two ways to obtain DMV records. The first is to visit their local DMV office and request the information in person. This may take a week or two, as the records will often be mailed. The second, and faster option, is through’s trusted sponsor, 4SafeDrivers, a company that provides employers with instant access to DMV driving records. 4SafeDrivers is a cost-effective means to obtain DMV records quickly, and is user-friendly, allowing individuals to set up accounts for future use.

For fast, up-to-date DMV records, visit 4SafeDrivers. We partner with to offer a quality service for businesses seeking to obtain driving records for employees.

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