NY Voter Registration

Just like most other states, New York voter registration can be completed at the DMV office as you apply for a new license or obtain a photo ID. Although not required, it is an option that is offered that you could very well take advantage of.

The New York State Board of Elections, offers all the need-to-know information about voter registration in New York and which methods are offered. The site also provides you with the opportunity to make your voice heard in the election outcome as well.

It is easy to register to vote in New York, giving you the opportunity to have a part in the future of the state, as well as on a national and community level as well. In order to qualify for voter registration, however, you must meet the following:

  • Must be U.S. citizen
  • Must be at least 18 on December 31 of registration year (as well as by the date of the election you intend to vote in)
  • Live at current address at least 30 days prior to election
  • Cannot be in jail or currently on parole for felony
  • Cannot claim right to vote in other state
As long as you remain at the address used to register for voting in New York, as well as have the same name, your registration remains valid indefinitely. However, if your address or name changes, you must again register to vote. All you need is to submit a new NY voter registration form, which can also be done if you change the party affiliation of your choice -- but that is not a necessary change to be made to vote in New York.

Once you have registered to vote, your local county clerk will mail your voter registration card, which also provides the assigned polling station you must report to in order to vote in the state.

How to Register to Vote in New York

You cannot register to vote in New York online. Instead, you must complete the voter registration form and submit it to the Board of Elections. There are several ways to get the form, however, and several ways that you can submit the form and register.

  • Visit the local DMV office and complete voter registration during application for license or ID
  • Visit your local Board of Elections office to register in person. You can also visit to find an office nearest to you.
  • Visit a New York state agency office in person to complete registration. All approved agencies can be found by visiting the Board of Elections online.
  • Complete the form online from the Board of Elections, and request that the application be sent to you. Once you receive the application, complete and mail back to the Board of Elections to complete registration.
If you would like to apply for absentee voting, which can be useful if you are stationed out-of-state for the military, you can visit  Board of Elections for all the information you may need.