NY Bill of Sale

In the state of New York, buying or selling a vehicle will require that there are specific forms completed and submitted to the New York DMV. The New York Bill of Sale is used for private buyers and sellers to document the sale, making it official and formal, giving a safeguard to those involved. So do you need one? Should you use one? And where can you get a Bill of Sale form anyway?

New York Bill of Sale Forms

  • The New York Bill of Sale form is the DMV official Form MV-50 – otherwise titled the Retail Certificate of Sale. This form signifies to interested parties that the ownership of the vehicle has changed for either dealership or private-sale transactions. If you sell the vehicle privately, you will also sign the designated space on the back of the vehicle's Certificate of Title – or Form MV-999. A Bill of Sale should be obtained from any private seller that you purchase a vehicle from due to the fact that it proves the transaction properly and provides the DMV with an adequate record of the sale.
Details of the NY Bill of Sale

  • The Bill of Sale isn't the only form that you will be expected to obtain from the seller of any vehicle you purchase – although dealerships will mostly provide the paperwork to the DMV for you. The documentation required to transfer ownership and registration of the vehicle you purchase from a private seller is your responsibility and you must be aware of what forms and documents will be needed, which you can research through 4dmv.com for a much easier and clearer description of each and use as well.
  • If you need more information about buying or selling a vehicle and where the Bill of Sale fits into the sale, contact your local NY DMV or visit 4dmv.com's Buying and Selling page, or FAQ's for all the questions you could ask.
Generic Bill of Sale

  • The generic Bill of Sale form is offered by various sources online, including kits that can help you with the entire purchase or sale process providing you with all the official paperwork and Bill of Sale documentation that you may need.