NY Criminal Records

If you are a New York resident, chances are, as you look for employment your criminal records will be accessed. Why? Well, there is a big concern for safety within the workplace, and sometimes a criminal history report could be the best way to determine what your background is made up of, what type of crimes you have committed, and what type of threat you could present to the organization you are attempting to obtain employment through. So where do you get your NY criminal records first? 4Dmv.com can map your route to getting your criminal records in New York safely, easily, and without a hassle in your way.

Getting Criminal Reports In New York

If you decide that you don't want to take any risks online by sharing information to third party sources, then you are perfectly within your right. In fact, you are offered the opportunity to obtain your criminal history records directly from the New York State Unified Court System in person or by mail.

  1. Complete the application, which you can print from the internet at New York State Office Of Court Administration Record Search For Conviction Of Prosecution And Pending
  2. Include full name, address, and contact phone number for the party submitting the application; provide the full name and birth date of the party being searched; omission of information will result in the rejection of the application, with every alias necessary to properly process the application.
  3. The report provided is not certified and should not be confused with the certified report that is only obtained through the New York state court.
  4. Pay $65.00 fee for a full NY statewide search with check or money order made payable to N.Y.S. Office of Court Administration. No cash is accepted, and $20.00 is applied to all returned checks.
  5. Mail or bring in the application. If mailing, use the following address:
NYS Office of Court Administration

Office of Administrative Services

Criminal History Record Search

25 Beaver St – Room 840 – Front Desk

New York, NY 10004

  • You will receive your results within 7-12 business days, which can be picked up at the address indicated on the application, or mailed or emailed to you. Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your application if you prefer your report to be mailed to you.
  • You can also visit to review a certified copy of your online criminal history report, or that of an employee or an individual for civil purposes. These records are fee based and can be much easier and quicker to obtain. There may be a higher or lower fee assessed, depending on the type of report and the manner in which you obtain it.
  • There are several other New York criminal record resources that you can use within the state, and many third-party sources online that can also be used to obtain your criminal history records in no time. Even if you are an employer that requires the use of these reports in order to make the wisest hiring decisions, you can find great resources online, including those that allow business memberships for lower fees and bulk orders for criminal history checks in New York.
Why Your Criminal Records Should be Checked

Even though you may be well aware of what you have done in your past, there are many out there that have no clue. For those with a genuine and legitimate interest, the criminal records check can provide a better understanding of what you have done, therefore what you are most expected to do in the future. Your behaviors and patterns are assessed, further providing those with legitimate interest with a good idea of what to expect from you if you are given an employment, volunteer, housing, or other opportunity.

  • While it would be great to say that all criminal history checks show accurate information, there are those rare times when the information provided could lack a bit of accuracy, marring opportunities with mistakes made by others. If you don't check your criminal report, you don't know what is showing up, which means that you could have something there that shouldn't be, which could be just the thing standing in your way that you have no clue about. With a quick check through criminal records, you are able to see just what shows up and whether you need to have mistakes fixed or not.