NY ID Cards

If you are a resident of New York, you are required to hold a New York ID card if you don't have a driver's license. At which age are you required to obtain such identification? What can it do? Why should you get yours? What are the costs and process of getting an ID card in New York? These are all questions that you need answered, which you can get answers for through 4dmv.com.

Why Do You Need a New York ID Card?

While a driver's license typically becomes your main form of proving identification in New York, not everyone is going to drive in the state. Whether you haven't yet reached the age of driving, don't have your license, or have had your license revoked, an ID card will provide the appropriate alternative form of identification, that will be needed in many cases to prove who you are – whether you are attempting to purchase an adult only item or need to sign a check.

Your New York identification card only costs $9 to $14 and requires no appointment to obtain. You won't need to complete any tests or anything, but you must submit the appropriate application, answering the questions required to prove who you are and provide the appropriate information on your card. The ID card is going to be asked for anytime you take a flight, rent an item, enter a rated R movie, or anything else that is going to require you prove who you are or that you are 18 or older.

New York ID Application Process

Unlike other processes from the New York DMV, but much like registering a vehicle or obtaining a driver's license, you will be required to report to the NY Department of Motor Vehicles office near you to get your ID card. You must complete the correct application, Form MV-44 which you can download from Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card

  • Remember that you will need to prove your identity, so visit  Proofs of Identity and Date of Birth for NYSDMV Photo Documents to find out what is accepted by the DMV for proper proof of identity. While an ID card in New York can be obtained at any age, those under the age of 16 must have parent/guardian consent before an ID is provided. You should not at any time have both a New York driver's license or learner's permit and non-driver ID card.
  • A short-term 4-5 year New York ID is available for New York residents 62 and under, with a $9 to $10 fee required. There is also a long-term NY ID offered for a $13 to $14 fee, which remains valid for 8-9 years. Upon applying for your ID card, you will obtain a temporary substitute that remains valid until you receive your photo ID card in the mail within the next 5 weeks. You can find more information at Photo licenses and ID Cards
If you are a senior aged 62 or older, or if you are under 62 and receive SSI benefits, you are able to choose to apply for the 10 year ID card for a discounted fee of $6.50. You must first prove your identity, age, and if applicable, an appropriate document from the SSA that proves you are currently receiving Social Security Income.
  • Notice of SSI Award
  • SSA-L8151 Change of Payment Notice
  • SSA-2458 Confidential Social Security Benefit Information Report
  • Verification of Benefit Statement or Letter
New York ID Renewal

When your ID card expires in New York, you will need to renew it for it to remain valid. If you are stopped by police with an expired ID card you may be fined, and many services obtained through verification of identification or age won't be provided until you have updated your ID card, which includes getting payday loans.

  • You don't have to wait until your ID expires, however, as you are able to renew no more than a year before the ID expires, but it must be renewed no more than 2 years after expiration. You can renew by mail, in-person, or even online through Driver License/ID Renewal, with full instructions and eligibility details. If your address has changed from that on your current ID card, you will not be able to renew online.
NY ID Card Replacement

In order to replace your ID card in New York, you will be required to report to the DMV office with Form MV-44 and the appropriate proof of identification. You will also need to pay the appropriate ID replacement fees, which can differ from person to person.

  • 4-8 Year ID Replacement: $8
  • 10 Year ID Replacement: $6.50
  • 62 + or receiving SSI ID Replacement: Free
If you happen to be out of the state when you lose your ID and can't wait until you arrive back in New York, you can replace your ID card by mail. You will need to complete the same form following the instructions found at Application for Driver License  or Non-Driver ID card. Photocopies of your identification documents is only available when you are out-of-state, which you can determine appropriate documents from Proofs of Identity and Date of Birth for NYSDMV Photo Documents.

Your fee will bee the same as if you reported in-person for your ID replacement, which can be paid by check or money order. Mail the application, proof of identification, and fees to:

DMV License Production Bureau

P.O. Box 2688-ESP

Albany, NY12220-0668

You can get more instructions on out-of-state New York ID replacement at Replace Your NYSDMV Photo Document by Mail

No duplicate ID cards are offered online in New York, and to have a new address displayed on your ID card, you should change your address with the DMV prior to applying for your renewal or replacement NY ID. You must have a current address reflected on your ID card at all times, or a proper document to prove your address is documented with the DMV.

If you fear that your ID card has been stolen or even if you have misplaced or lost it and want to ensure your identity is safe, a Form MV-78B should be filed, which can be obtained from the NYPD only.