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Whether the buyer or the seller of a vehicle in NY there is much to know.  Having the proper information will give you the upper hand that you need in the transaction.  4DMV.com has compiled this easy to understand guide to help you understand what is required of you.

Auto Loans and You

  • Understanding your financing options is an important step in the purchase of a new or used vehicle and just may land you your dream vehicle.  The proper auto loan is your best bet when obtaining a vehicle that you want.  For more information, visit auto loans visit 4DMV.com’s Auto Loans Section
Vehicle Leasing

  • Vehicle leasing and buying are not the same thing nor is vehicle leasing and auto loans.  Typically when a buyer leases a vehicle their payments are less than the monthly vehicles.  For more information on leasing visit 4DMV.com Leasing Section.
Vehicle Appraisals - The Kelley Blue Book

  • If you are purchasing or selling a vehicle in New York, and are interested in the current market value of the vehicle then you have two options.  You can obtain an appraisal on the vehicle which will give you the true value of the vehicle or you can access the Kelley Blue Book which will give you an accurate value of the vehicle.
Manufacturer Incentives

  • There is not denying, times are tough, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase the vehicle that you want.  Currently, manufacturers are offering great incentives that provide you with excellent savings on the vehicle your may be interested in.
Hybrid Vehicles

  • Hybrid vehicles are important in today’s world.  And, for the buyer of a hybrid vehicle there is much more than purchasing a vehicle that is eco-efficient, there are savings that are passed on from different angles, including the government.  For more information on the purchase of a hybrid vehicle, visit 4DMV.com’s Buying a New Vehicle.
Comparing Gas Mileage

  • There are various means that the consumer has to compare gas mileage.  Find out what mileage is considered to be the most efficient fuel economy and how to determine that your gas mileage isn’t high enough.
Benefits of Certified Used Cars

  • When purchasing a used car, not all are the same.  There is a difference between a certified vehicle and a non-certified used vehicle.  The difference of purchasing a certified over a non-certified just may mean the difference in quality and warranty of the vehicle.
New Vehicle Research

  • When purchasing a brand new vehicle, research is vital.  There are many advantages that the consumer has in today’s market.  See what model are ranking high, which ones are considered to be bad choices and which ones have the most efficient fuel economy.
Avoiding Flood Damaged Vehicles

  • Purchasing a flood damaged vehicle can happen.  Many buyers are naïve, as there are ways for a seller to conceal the damage to the vehicle.  If you are purchasing a used vehicle, take the necessary steps to ensure that you are not purchasing a vehicle that has been involved in a flood.
Considering the Resale Value

Anytime that you purchase a new or used vehicle, the resale value of the vehicle is something that you should consider.  It is important to have an accurate idea of your future profit in the vehicle to ensure that you are making a wise investment and are not later being left with a clunker.

Vehicle Donations

Many people today are choosing to donate their vehicle.  This is a way to help those that are less fortunate and to ensure the operation of their favorite charity.  Before you donate, however, it is important to research the charity to ensure that you are choosing a charity in which you will receive a tax deduction.  For more information on donating a vehicle visit 4DMV.com’s Donate Car section.

The Lemon Law In and Out

Knowing the New York Lemon Law when a new buyer, is important and just may be the protection you need if you happen to purchase a defective vehicle.  For more information on New York Lemon Law, visit 4DMV.com’s Lemon Law section.

There is a lot of information to explore and know when it comes to the purchase or selling of a vehicle.  Be sure to utilize 4DMV.com’s Learning Center when you are ready to begin the process of buying or selling.