NY Change Address

Whether you are moving across town, to a different city, or down the street, an address change is necessary to ensure that you are able to receive important documents at the right address. Find out how long you have to make this change once you move and how to make the change with the appropriate office. Must you even report to the DMV in New York or can you complete the change online? These are all things that you can find out right from 4dmv.com.

  • If you are moving into New York, you will have a specific time frame for changing your address and necessary driver documents if applicable (license, registration, title, etc). Find out how long you have and what process you should follow in order to ensure that your change is documented. You will need to follow the other necessary steps for moving into the state, giving you the opportunity to drive the streets with the other New York drivers. To find out how today, visit 4dmv.com and explore your available options online, by phone, or even by mail.
  • If you are just moving to a new county in New York, find out if there is a need to change your address with the New York DMV or if it is possible to just make the change through the postal mail service in your area. USPS will offer online address changes, as well as other resources to help you move to your new New York home, no matter how far it may be. If you need new utilities to make your move efficient, you can also let 4dmv.com direct you to the right services and companies for your budget and needs.
  • If you are moving down the street or into a home with family and friends, are you still required to report the change? Well, 4dmv.com will tell you if so, and what forms will be required to ensure the change is properly made. Even if you are moving temporarily you should know what steps to take and what paperwork you should be turning in and where.
  • Changing your New York address, no matter how far you are moving is an important step as you should be able to receive the appropriate state documents to the appropriate address. If you don't have the right address on file, you won't be able to receive the paperwork or documents you need as a resident and/or driver, or you could risk your personal information as well if your documents are sent to the wrong address.