NY Background Checks

NY residents don't have to go through life not knowing just what is on their background check. While this is something that has never before been quite emphasized as today, background checks are more and more essential to life these days as more and more opportunities begin to depend on your criminal background. If you aren't sure what is showing up as criminal background checks are ran against you, you won't really know what opportunities you should pursue with high hopes.

There are several people today that are interested in your background check besides you. For instance, as you are turning in those employment applications, employers are first taking a look into your background to determine whether you are really what you seem to be in person. It will show whether the information you provided is accurate or not, and really what type of past you have behind you.

The thing is, whether you are a person looking for your own background check or an employer seeking to verify the status of an employee, there are state guidelines that you must follow before you are able to access these records, if you are at all.

Obtaining a New York Background Check

  • If you need a background check for personal reference, you can obtain a certified copy from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (NY DCJS). Getting your own copy is easy and can be done by request with the DCJS office by either you or your personal attorney. However, no one else is able to obtain this copy.
  • If you are an employer seeking employee background checks, there are special services that you can utilize to ensure that you are able to access the records you need. At the same time, there are online background checks offered by various sources online for those that are looking for a great and convenient method. However, always be sure that you are giving the information required to the appropriate source, which means checking the source vigorously.

Are There Errors Present?

  • If you obtain your personal background check in New York and find that there are mistakes that shouldn't be there, you should immediately contact the New York State DCJS to rectify the situation immediately. If you fail to fix these errors, you could find yourself suffering from issues that otherwise you wouldn't have to.
  • Get a background check online or in-person to ensure you know what employers see when they research your past, and what you must do to ensure that your opportunities are once again within reach. Don't let mistakes remain as they can impact your future. If you would like to remove the infractions on your background check, you can also contact legal aid or an attorney that will inform you of your rights and options.