NY Defensive Driving

Do you really know what defensive driving is? It may sound like an aggressive method of driving, when in fact it is a more safe and appropriate method of driving that decreases your risk on the roadways, allowing you to practice more tactical methods that are much more advanced and skilled for better precaution. This includes driving that goes past your basic driving skills and provides you with a means of being much more safe, secure, and wiser behind the wheel, prepared for hazards that you may encounter.


Learning Defensive Driving in New York

Visiting a New York traffic school is the best method of learning defensive driving adequately. There are several schools to choose from throughout the state, which you can find by contacting your local New York DMV.

Also, utilizing the New York Driver's Manual found online, it can be a great way of learning the defensive driving techniques that can really keep you safe. There is an entire chapter of the driver's handbook offered to ensure you get the full scoop on defensive driving, also including the basic techniques to use:

  • Preparation
  • Proper speed guidelines
  • Signals before lane changes
  • Space between vehicles
  • Seat belts
  • Impaired driving – any type of impairment
  • Maintenance of your vehicles
When Do You Need Defensive Driving Courses?

If you are wondering if you might benefit from New York defensive driving courses, then you could definitely check out the traffic schools and courses offered. There are even online defensive driving classes in New York, offering more efficient access for those looking for the right courses. You can find that defensive driving classes can be great for those that are seeking to remove ticket points from their New York driver's license, or even just needing a brush up on safety measures and methods to use on the roads. If you are ready to sign up, check out the various courses and schools both online and offline throughout the state.

  • If you are caught driving under the influence in New York, you may be required to complete a New York approved defensive driver course to maintain a license or have your license reinstated. If you aren't sure where to find the right course, you can contact the DMV directly and obtain a directory online or by phone of various courses offered, as well as the fees associated. Only after you have paid the fee for the course are you given the certificate after successful completion.