NY License Plates & Placards

Upon registering your New York vehicle, you can obtain the classic Empire State standard New York license plates for $15. For cars or trucks, you will be issued 2 plates, while you only receive 1 for a motorcycle or trailer.
  • There are special New York plates offered to disabled drivers, allowing these drivers to park within the disabled parking zones and spaces of parking lots within New York. There are more details about getting these plates and how they are used at the New York DMV site's FAQ page Parking for People with Disabilities 
  • There are even personalized New York plates offered to those that want something special from their license plates, adding a more personal touch to their vehicle. You can show your pride in an organization, event, or other special interest, or just choose to add a personalized message or incorporate your job or name. These custom plates are offered as personalized, historical/vintage, or picture license plates, with online referencing, selection, and purchase of these specialized New York plates.
NY Personalized License Plates Personalized plates in New York are offered for a base fee of $60, followed by an annual fee of $31.25 to be paid to the New York DMV. Empire State New York plates offer the choice of up to 8 separate characters, with 6 characters available for the picture license plates. There is a base fee of $35 and $18.75 annual fee required for New York personalized motorcycle plates. There are DMV standard guidelines you must follow in order to choose the characters on your plates, with inappropriate requests denied. You can view the guidelines for choosing your characters at Personalized Licence Plates.
  • Call the DMV at 1-518-402-4838, or visit   Personalized Licence Plates to search through the options and determine whether your character combination is available. You can also order online with your credit card at the same page.
  • You can transfer, replace, or surrender for storage your personalized plates when you purchase a new vehicle, lose your tags, or discontinue use of your vehicle.
NY Picture License Plates You can incorporate pictures and logos to your picture specialized plates in New York, with a wide selection to choose from, which you will find correlate with various organizations and groups throughout New York and the US. There are different prices for these plates, determined by the picture or logo that you choose for your plates, with a base cost of $60 and an annual fee of $31.25 to hold these plates. You can choose up to 6 characters for all chosen picture or logo plates in New York with a higher base cost of $91.25 and an annual fee of $62.50, also dependent on your choice. There are various interests that you can choose from in order to get your plates, with the following pages offered by the New York DMV to show you just what your choices are. NY Historical/Vintage License Plates No one says that you have to let go of the old days, with classic memorabilia often a top selling product of any company. Why should your plates be any different? Why can't you show your pride of that older vehicle you have run since the 80's, or even bolt a classic plate to a classic vehicle you have given the TLC it needed to come back. If your vehicle is over 25 years old, you can register and plate your vehicle with historical plates and registration.
  • New York classic plates feature the letters 'HX' followed by or preceded by a five digit number. Regular registration is available for these vehicles if you choose, with classic registration only needed for those vehicles that you plan to exhibit, show, or use for group, organization, or club activities.
  • Applying for historical license plates in New York can be done with your signature on the owner's certification statement on the Form MV-440H, with instructions provided on the form to help you complete it properly. There is a $25 cost for these plates, with $3.75 added for renewal or registration or $53.75 for new registration. There is an additional $50 fee for vehicles built in '73 or later, only if the title hasn't yet been issued within your name.
  • You can also purchase vintage plates from collectors, dealers, or even the local flea market for your classic vehicle if you don't want to get new plates. You can even get the plates that were offered the year of your vehicle's creation. You simply take the plates you purchase to the DMV (only originals accepted) and complete Form MV-440V, with full instructions provided on the form.
  • If the vehicle has already been registered in your name within New York, the fee will only be $3.75, with an increase to $28.75 for new New York registrations. Once again, if your vehicle was manufactured in '73 or later, there will be an additional $50 fee for vehicles not yet titled in your name.
  • The registration for either historical or vintage license plates in New York is only valid for one year, with special insurance also required to operate the vehicle on New York streets.
Surrendering License Plates If you happen to decide that moving out of the state is the best move, New York requires that you surrender all New York license plates you may hold. This includes for all vehicles that are registered and plated in the state. There is a $1 fee added which you will pay in the DMV office as you surrender the plates. If you are surrendering after the move, you can mail the plates to the DMV with no cost at all to the following address: Riverhead Office – NYSDMV 200 Old Country Road – Route 58 Riverhead, NY 11901 You must also surrender your license plates in New York if your car insurance lapses. If you drive the vehicle without insurance, you are committing a crime and could have not only your license, but your registration suspended as well. If the vehicle is sold, the plates must also be surrendered if you decide that you don't want to transfer the plates, if the vehicle was donated to a NY charity, or if the vehicle is taken out of operation. You should ask for a FS-6T receipt for a record of the transaction as well. New York License Plate References If you want to find out more about license plates in New York, you are free to surf through the New York DMV website, with the following pages offering great information about various aspects of your New York plates.