Checking Your Driving Record in New York State

The traffic in New York is notorious. Drivers accumulate traffic citations, fender benders, and other traffic-related incidents. Suppose you are one of the many New York drivers who have found themselves looking at flashing lights in their rearview mirror or sitting in a traffic court. In that case, you should obtain your New York DMV driving record regularly to monitor your driving history. Keeping track of your New York driving record will help you be on the lookout for signs of identity theft, but you'll also be able to see what information your insurer and possibly even your employer are accessing.

Your Driving Records in New York DMV

A state department keeps DMV driving records for all citizens who have a driver's license. While these records are usually available to the public, not all information is available in all states.

What's Within Your Driving Record

Your Driving Record includes:
  • Driving History
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • DUI records
  • Driver's license number, expiration date, date, and place of issue
  • Traffic violations, endorsements, and restrictions
  • License suspensions

Types of Driving Record in NY

There are three types of NYC driving records, such as:

Standard Driving Records

Standard records only state that DMV should be kept at all times. This information is typically linked to DMV records from the previous several years. It should be noted that some traffic violations are displayed indefinitely. Click here to learn more about Driving Record Abstracts.

Lifetime Driving Records

As the name implies, this type of record contains all information about a license holder or driver, regardless of their data retention policy. However, it does not always contain information dating back to when the driver first obtained a driver's license in New York.

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Driving Records

CDL driving records provide a complete picture of the driver's history. They include license suspensions, revocations, and convictions, among other things. Furthermore, these driving records contain information about self-certification and medical certification status. Companies and employers can use the LENS service to obtain CDL abstracts for any enrolled driver.

How To Get Your NY Driving Records

Drivers in New York can obtain their driving records online, in person, by phone, or by mail.


Drivers should be aware that they can immediately access their driving records online; however, certified copies will be mailed. You must first register with the DMV's online system to access the online copy. You do not need to create an account to order the certified copy online. It costs $7 to order your driving record online ($10 if certified).


To obtain your New York DMV driving record in person, go to your local DMV and fill out the Request for Driving Information Form (Form MV-15C). The fee is $10 at the DMV. To access their report, drivers will be required to present their birth certificate or driver's license. The DMV website lists other acceptable forms of identification. Keep in mind that even if you order your driving history at the DMV, it will take two weeks for your certified report to be mailed to you.

By Telephone

You can order your New York driving record by phone by dialing 518-486-9786. In addition to the $10 fee for the certified driving record, there is a $5 fee to order by phone. This record will be mailed to you and should arrive in two weeks. Over the phone, you will be required to provide personal information such as your driver's license number.

By Mail

To order your New York driving record by mail, fill out Form MV-15C, including the DMV mailing address. You must include proof of your identity with your request, as specified. Your certified driving record, once again, should arrive in two weeks.

Requesting The Driving Record of Someone Else

Do you want to obtain a copy of another person's driving record? Remember that having a permissible use certified by the DPPA is required (Drivers Privacy Protection Act). To order someone else's records, you must:
  • When requesting records by mail, use the MV-15C Form (Request for Driving Record Information) or the MV-15 Form (Request for DMV Records).
  • When ordering records from the FOIL Office, bring the completed MV-FOIL Form (Freedom of Information Law Request).
  • If you frequently need access to someone else's records, you should consider setting up a DIAL-IN Search Account or signing up for the LENS.

Check Your Driving Records

As one of the most populous states in the union, New York processes a large number of driving records. While errors are not common, they do occur. Double-check your certified driving record for errors when you get your certified driving record in the mail. Also, ensure that the points on your license are correctly accrued. Mistakes on your driving record may impact your job and insurance rates. Contact the DMV to begin the correction process if you find any errors. Once your record has been corrected, contact your insurance provider to ensure that their records also reflect the correction. Obtaining your driving record is critical for avoiding mistakes and identity theft. Furthermore, drivers should know what their insurance provider or employer sees when accessing driving history information. If you have any further questions about obtaining your driving history or whether you are eligible to view someone else's driving record, don't hesitate to contact the New York DMV.