NY Traffic Schools

If you aren’t quite sure whether New York traffic schools are right for you, there is a great deal you can learn from 4dmv.com. You should definitely be aware of the purpose and intent of these schools, how they can help you personally, and what to expect from the traffic schools found throughout the state.

There are actually many different types of these traffic schools found in New York, many offering basic quality driver training for general drivers who need some extra practice.

However, there are those drivers that may be court ordered to attend one of these traffic schools in New York, or may be required to take a course for another purpose, even those job related. In these cases, you must contact the New York DMV to determine which agencies are best for your needs. Only these agencies are approved in NY for removing points from your driver’s record.

PIRP -- Point Insurance Reduction Program in New York

  • New York has recently adopted the PIRP program, which addresses the issue of points in regards to influence on insurance premiums. You can choose to take part in this program to reduce the amount of points present on your NY driver’s record, which can be done through a state-approved course from a sponsor in-class or online, or through another Alternative Delivery Method.
  • The sponsor you choose will notify the DMV of your completion from the program within 10 weeks, after which time your points will be removed. You are only eligible to have a maximum of 4 points removed from your license. If you want to confirm the points have been reduced properly, you can request your driver’s record from the New York DMV or another vendor online.
  • The sponsor you choose to participate in this program will also issue certification of completing the course within 45 days of completion, via US Postal mail, at which time you will receive a 10% reduction in your insurance premium for a total of 3 consecutive years to follow. It is important to remember that you can still receive an increase in your rates if you receive future violations.
Should You Attend NY Traffic School?

  • While traffic school is highly aimed at improving your driving abilities and skills, you can also take a course in traffic school for other purposes as well. You can attend traffic school in New York voluntarily or you may even be court or DMV ordered to do so.
  • If you have recently been convicted of a moving violation in New York, including a DWI, traffic school may be required to have your license reinstated later on, or to prevent suspension or revocation. However, you cannot prevent the loss of your license with these courses if you have been convicted of a DWI related violation, but the classes will likely be required as part of your sentence.
  • Senior drivers in New York, which includes drivers 50 and older, could greatly benefit from traffic school courses in New York. Why? Well, sometimes driver safety laws can change or your driving could become much less frequent, while other situations can come into play that decrease your skills on the road. For a refresher course that could improve your safety on the streets, as well as to reduce your car insurance premium, these courses could come in handy.
  • Senior drivers can also choose to take part in the AARP provided course, which is provided for about $10 and is offered in many cities throughout New York at various times. To find out if any courses are provided near you and where they are held, visit www.aarp.org.
  • Teen drivers in New York are also able to benefit greatly from attending a traffic school course in New York, with preparation and training courses offered to help you get your license and maintain a clear record.
Traffic Tickets?

  • If you receive a traffic ticket, driver improvement courses offered in traffic school can be just what you need to have the ticket dismissed from your driving record. However, only the New York courts can decide whether you are eligible to have your ticket dismissed based on your record and the violation you received the ticket for.
  • In most cases, however, the New York courts aren’t going to dismiss your ticket, only offering a reduction in points and insurance rates, with these tickets remaining on your record until expiration, if applicable.
Driver Responsibility Assessment

  • There is an annual fee for three consecutive years assessed to drivers who commit certain moving violations, or if they accumulate a great number of points within a specific time period, typically 18 months. The fee assessed will not be reduced by attending a traffic school class in New York, no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Any driver, whether a resident of New York or not, can be assessed this fee if violations are committed on the roadways.