NY Motorcycle

Whether you have a New York driver's license or even operate a vehicle in the state of New York, you need to understand the proper channels to follow in order to get on your motorcycle or other similar craft in New York. Even if you only plan on operating your motorcycle every now and then, you should be well aware of what New York motorcycle laws exists, and how to determine whether your bike qualifies as a New York motorcycle or if it even needs registration and licensing for operation. 4Dmv.com will give you all the New York motorcycle information that you need before you get on the roadways with your bike.

Getting Your Motorcycle License: Do You Need One?

If you are planning on operating a motorcycle in New York, you will first be required to hold a Class M or Class MJ motorcycle license. There may be a different process to receive your license depending on if you have a NY driver's license or even an out-of-state motorcycle license, which you should understand completely before getting started.

Out-of-State Motorcycle License?

If you have an out-of-state motorcycles license, yet want to operate your bike in New York, you will have an easy process to get your Class M or MJ license. You will need to complete Form MV-44, which can be obtained online from

  • Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card  for out-of-state motorcycle license transfer. This must be done in-person within the NY DMV, at which time you will need to prove who you are, your date of birth, and provide the appropriate fee. You will then have your license photo taken and will be given a temporary license until your standard New York photo motorcycle license arrives by mail within 4 weeks.
Already Hold New York License or Permit?

If you have already obtained a New York driver license or permit, you are also given a bit of a break when getting your New York motorcycle license. You won't be required to complete a training course first, but you will have to take your written exam, which is clearly understood much better if you study the Motorcycle Manual found online at the New York DMV website. The test must be taken at the NY DMV, and will cost $21 for your permit.

  • You will receive your New York Class M learning permit if you pass the written exam, with a Class MJ issued for those under the age of 18. Your New York motorcycle permit remains valid for a year, and can only be renewed one time.
You won't be required to attend any type of motorcycle training courses, but they can be highly beneficial for those that want to best prepare for the riding exam. Taking your motorcycle road test will be a bit different than that of your driver's license, with a bit different process.

  1. Bring a registered and inspected New York motorcycle.
  2. Ensure you have the correct safety equipment for operating the motorcycle.
  3. Bring a registered New York vehicle and a licensed driver so the examiner can ride behind you during the exam.
  4. Complete the road exam.
If you are adding your Class M motorcycle license in New York to your already valid and current Class D New York driver's license, you will receive a temporary license after your road exam is complete, with a 5 day wait before you will bring your motorcycle permit, temporary license, driver's license, and $10 fee, at which time you will resubmit the MV-44 form, checking “Change”, with “Add Class M/MJ” written in the “Other Change” box. At this point your driver's license will be reissued featuring your Class D and Class M/MJ privileges.

Don't Have New York Class D License?

If you don't already have your New York license, you will have to start from scratch, which includes taking the time to learn regular driving maneuvers, laws, and safety rules. This is to ensure that other drivers you may encounter while operating your motorcycle are able to remain safe while you share the roads. So, while you still follow the above instructions, you must study both the Motorcycle and Driver's manuals after which you will complete both written exams.