NY State Regulations There is more to the purchase or sale of a NY vehicle than you might have thought.  Today, the emphasis is on consumer and seller safety.  There are various forms that are required and a great process that goes into a vehicle transaction which ensures that the seller is free from liability and that the buyer is getting a product that is worth the value.

Selling a NY Vehicle

1.  When you are the seller you must print and sign your name on Section A of the title which will be found on the backside of the title.  This must be done in front of a notary public.

2.  The buyer is required to also print and sign their name.

3.  Take the tags off the vehicle prior to changing hands of the vehicle and surrender them to your local NY DMV office or keep them.

Buying a NY Vehicle

1.  Make certain that you have your auto insurance handled prior to the purchase of the vehicle as you will need to drive it legally once purchased.

2.  Ensure that the seller has completed his portion of the title.

3.  Take the title to a notary public to print and sign your name.

4.  Record the odometer reading of the vehicle.

5.  Visit your local DMV to complete the title transfer to your name and register the vehicle.  You can also apply for new plates or transfer the plates from your old vehicle.

NY Vehicle Transactions without Paperwork

NY is like many states and a vehicle title is required prior to a registration being issued.  For this reason, it is crucial that you have the vehicle title, prior to its purchase.  If for some reason the title of the vehicle is not offered at the time of sale you should consider that:

  • The vehicle may be stolen or branded as a salvaged vehicle.
If you are selling a vehicle and cannot find the title, you should take the necessary steps in order to obtain a replacement title, otherwise you might have trouble selling the vehicle.

NY Lemon Law

The NY Lemon Law is designed for new car buyers to ensure that they are protected from purchasing a defective vehicle.  For more information on the NY Lemon Law, visit 4DMV.com’s Lemon Law section.