NY Laws & Attorneys

Drivers in New York must follow New York traffic and safety laws, without exception. There are no get out of jail free cards when it comes to crimes in the state behind the wheel as you present more than a risk to yourself, but a risk to others as well. You should understand the laws that you are subject to as a driver in New York, as well as what you should do if you commit a crime in your vehicle. Personal injury of another due to an accident you caused or vice versa is another key reason to understand the laws and the representation that is available within New York. In all cases, you can find great information needed to understand these laws and finding a traffic attorney if needed, all within the NY driver's handbook.

DWI Laws in New York

  • You must understand the implications of drinking and driving in New York. If you are caught under the influence, whether you have reached or exceeded the legal limit or not, you will be charged with a DWI. Getting a DUI/DWI charge in New York can carry some very severe penalties, most times resulting in license suspension and jail time as well. The fees associated can be quite high, leaving you paying a great deal for your mistake, even if you didn't drink a lot. If you don't feel intoxicated but have consumed alcohol, you could be stopped by traffic officers, at which point you must submit to testing by law. If you refuse testing or show a BAC over 0.08%, you will be charged with a DWI or related crime, making driving a bit more difficult for you.
Personal Injury Attorneys

  • In some cases, there are injuries caused on the roadways, and that is something drivers must face. Whether you cause the injury or you are the injured, you must know what occurs when there are injuries involved in a traffic accident. Injuries to others while driving under the influence will cause much greater penalties, as well as injuries caused while driving without insurance. Understanding what New York personal injury cases are about and how to find an attorney to defend you or persecute a driver who caused you an injury is the best method of ensuring that you are able to handle the situation appropriately.
New York Traffic Law Attorneys and Court

  • If you are required to report to traffic court due to a New York traffic law you broke, you should know that there is adequate representation that can be found if you are aware of where to look. Using the resources you trust most, find representation for your traffic case so you aren't left with the highest penalties possible.
New York Driver Publications and Resources

  • If you are looking for the best publications and resources for drivers in New York, you can look no further. 4Dmv.com can show you what publications can help most when it comes to understanding the traffic laws in New York. The New York driver's handbook is definitely the best place to look for information concerning New York drivers, the laws they must follow, basic rules, and the various guidelines that should be followed within the state. You can get the handbook online at New York State Driver's Manual, with many other publications also offered online through the New York DMV.