Texas Manuals and Handbooks  

In Texas, all motorists have the availability of driving related handbooks and manuals that outline state specific information that every driver must know.  At 4DMV.com we provide our users with all the information necessary to obtain Texas state DMV handbooks and manuals.

Texas state DMV handbooks and manuals can also be obtained at your local DMV office, however, because of busy schedules it is often difficult to find the time to make the trip to the DMV office, which is why we have compiled all state specific handbooks and manuals that you may need, here on our easy to follow Handbooks and Manuals section.  In order to download these manuals and handbooks you will need to install Adobe Reader on your computer which can be downloaded for free at Abode Reader

Driver’s License Handbook

  • Motorists in the state of Texas must know the state specific rules and laws as well as the skill and experience to operate a vehicle safely on the public highways and roads.  The state issued driver’s license handbook has all the required rules and laws that you must know in order to pass the written exam issued by the state and to safely operate your vehicle.  For the Texas Driver’s License Handbook issued by the state of Texas.
Commercial Driver’s License Handbook

Motorcycle Driver’s License Handbook

Motor Vehicle Manuals

  • The Texas State DMV also outlines many procedures such as how to title your vehicle, registrations, liens, laws, applicable fees, form and special vehicles.  For more information and to obtain a copy of the manual visit:
Motor Vehicle Dealer Manual

  • If you are in the business of buying, selling and distributing cars then you will need to know what specific rules and laws apply to dealers in the state of Texas.  Texas State has issued a handbook that is essential to understanding the state specific rules and guidelines that are regulated within the industry in the state of Texas.  Visit to obtain a copy of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Manual’s Handbook
Recreational Vehicles

  • There are many vehicles that Texas motorists own such as ATVs, motor homes, trailers, boats and so on that must be titled and registered in the state of Texas as well.  Texas DMV and 4DMV.com both bring you the specific information you need to know.  To obtain Texas handbooks and Manuals, you can visit your local Texas DMV office or obtain them here, at 4DMV.com.
ATVs Handout


  • ‘Texas laws regarding trailers vary depending on the type of trailer you own, its intended use and its weight.  In order to determine the exact laws for your particular trailer and your particular situation visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to determine exactly what you need to know and what you are responsible.  To contact the state Department of Motor Vehicles visit  Contact Us and Compact with Texans

  • While it isn’t necessary to have a specific license to operate a boat in Texas, a boater’s safety course is highly recommended.  Also, if you are 18 or younger, you will be required.  For more information regarding boating visit 4DMV.com’s Boat section.