Texas Safety Laws

When it comes to having a child in the car, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be applied and followed. If your child is under the age of 8, they need to be in a restraint seat that is approved by the state. This excludes a child that is at least 4’ 9” in height. Here are some other requirements regarding car seats for children in a car.

  • Infants that are 20 lbs. or less are required to be in a car seat that faces the rear and is also equipped with a 5 point harness. The car seat itself additionally needs to be strapped to the back seat to prevent it from moving around in the case of a sudden stop or accident.
  • Children who are 17 years of age or younger and are riding with you are required by law to have a seat belt on. This applies regardless of whether they are in the front or the rear seat.
  • Failure to follow any of these Texas laws can mean you are subject to a fine that ranges from $100 to $200, if not more.
There are several places that sell these federally-approved car seats.  These sites will gives you general information about what to look for as well as some of the best car seats available on the market nowadays.  Learn what safety features to look for, and what is required in the state of Texas.

Motorcycle Helmets

For those of you who are licensed to drive a motorcycle, you are not mandated to have a helmet on if:

  • You are over the age of 21
  • Carry medical insurance policy of at least $10,000
  • Finished advanced or basic motorcycle safety courses
Texting and Mobile Phones

These are the restrictions in regards to cell phones:

  • You are not permitted to be on a cell phone if you are in a school zone unless your vehicle is at a stop or unless you have a Bluetooth device which allows for hands-free
  • If you are a new graduate of getting a license, you are not permitted to be on the phone while driving
  • If you drive a school bus you are not permitted to be on a cell phone if children are on board
Restrictions for Texting:

  • Anyone driving a vehicle is not permitted to be on the cell phone in school zones or where children are crossing streets
  • Those who are new to driving are not allowed to be on their phone within the first year
Children Being Unattended

  • There are a handful of states, Texas is one, that will criminalize anyone accused of leaving children in a vehicle unattended. If you are pulling up somewhere and getting out for a quick second and then getting back into your car, there are not going to be any criminal charges charged against you. This can be pulling in to the post office and dropping something in the drop box.
Five and Seven Law

  • Two very important numbers that you should remember are 5 and 7. This law simply states that if your child is under the age of 7, and you have left them in your vehicle for 5 minutes or more, you could be facing criminal charges. This same rule applies if your child is in the car with someone 14 or younger.
  • Your charge could be Class C, which is a misdemeanor. This turns into about 2 years in jail as well as a fine that can be as high as $10,000.


  • If you have a bike that was manufactured before the year 1975, you are not mandated to use lights in the day. Any bikes that are newer than that, you are required to have headlights on in the day.

  • If you are riding at night, you need a light in both the front as well as the rear. You need a reflector if you don’t have lights.

  • You are required to have your headlights on 30 minutes prior to sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. If you are having a hard time seeing, headlights are to be turned on as well.
Drunk Drivers

  • If you suspect a drunk or dangerous driver, you are required to call 911 immediately or let authorities know. Make sure you give as much detail as possible.