Texas Forms

Driving related matters can often be confusing.  4dmv.com realizes just how confusing it can be for the motorist to find the right information and the right forms to complete.  This is the reason that we have compiled this easy to follow guide that will give you the specific information regarding the forms you need.

Many forms can be downloaded online saving you hours in line at the DPS.  Many driving related matters can also be completed through the mail, which saves the motorist even more time.  All the information you need is here, on our Forms Section.

Printable Forms:

If you are registering and/or titling your vehicle in the state of Texas, you will need the specific forms in order to file your transaction.

Driver Licenses

If you are applying for a driver’s license then you will want to access the specific forms and the driver’s handbooks that the Texas DPS posts.  However, if this is your first time for applying for a new license you will need to pick the form up in person at your local Driver License office.

There are many other driver related forms that the Texas DPS offers which include:

  • Parental teen driver consent revocation form
  • Minor’s restricted driving license application
  • Motorcycle safety information and forms
  • Driver’s crash report forms
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement forms
  • Accident reports
License Plates

One of the great benefits of being a Texas automobile owner is you have the privilege of showing your spirit on the open highways and roads with special license plates.  Whether you are applying for special plates or the traditional, state issued driving license plates, you can find a list of license plate application forms atMotor Vehicle Dealer Licensing Forms

Online Services

  • There are some driving related issue that can be handled online that will save you the chore of completing the form and mailing it or visiting the licensing or registration office in person.
Vehicle Registration Renewal

  • If your car’s registration is ready to expire, you may renew its registration online.  Visit Texas DMV’s online Renew My Registration
License and ID Renewal

Should you have recently moved, you can also Change Your Address online

Driving Records

  • If you need to check the status of your driving record for one reason or another, you can obtain a copy of your Licensee Driving Records online.
  • Situations where you may need a copy  of your driving record includes when you are applying for employment, contesting traffic tickets or any other as well as many other instances.
  • If you are a holder of a commercial drivers’ license you will not be able to renew online.  However, you can request your driving record online.  You will need to enter your DPS audit number in the box provided on the form above.