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Today, Texas employers have the ability to order DMV driving records for individuals that they may potentially hire to drive company vehicles. The state of Texas allows employers to obtain DMV records for company drivers -- not only to protect the company from making a costly mistake, but to help keep Texas highways and roadways free of high-risk drivers. Employers can use DMV driving records to assess whether or not to hire a new employee.

Texas employers can accurately access a driver’s ability and how well they abide by the road rules and laws by offenses they have been charged by reading an individual’s DMV records. The information provided within a DMV record allows an employer to judge an individual’s credibility and responsibility to determine how well he/she fits the company.

How do Texas DMV Records Work?

The state of Texas provides a host of DMV records that are maintained by the Texas DMV. Each U.S. state works closely with one another to maintain these records, and no matter where an individual travels, if he/she receives a ticket that they are found guilty of, it will be recorded on their DMV driving records.

When a driver is issued a driver’s license, the DMV driving record is opened. If the driver abides by road rules and laws, and is not a driver that is involved in at fault accidents or receives tickets and violations, his/her DMV record will be clean. If he/she breaks the road rules and laws and is found guilty, offenses will appear on their DMV records and they will begin to accumulate marks.

The Texas DMV operates on a point value system. This means that for each traffic ticket or violation a driver incurs the offense will be worth a specific point value. The state of Texas takes the role of the driver’s responsibility on the roadways seriously and has set a maximum allowable amount of points over a specific timeframe. Driving offenses are also allotted a specific lifespan that they will be carried on the individual’s DMV record. For instance, if a driver receives a parking ticket, it will appear on the individual’s DMV record for a set amount of time.

Typically, driving offenses will show on an individual’s driving record for three to seven years or longer.

What Do Texas DMV Driving Records Entail?

If a driver is cited for breaking a law or a rule while operating a vehicle, this will appear on their DMV records. This means all tickets and violations as well as at fault accidents.

Texas DMV driving records are comprised of:

  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Suspensions
  • Auto accidents
  • Traffic violations
  • Parking tickets
  • Moving violations
  • All other cited and charged offenses
Texas employers have the right to obtain DMV driving records on all individuals they may hire to drive company vehicles.

How Do I Obtain TX Employee DMV Records?

Texas employers have the ability to obtain DMV records through their local DMV or online. Both means provide official DMV documentation and both are welcomed by Texas State.

Obtain Texas Employee DMV Driving Records at the DMV

Should employers wish to obtain employee DMV records through their local Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, they can do so by requesting DMV records in person at their local DMV office. Employers who are in a rush for the files should be advised that their DMV office may require that the files be mailed to the employer. In this case, the employer can expect to wait up to two weeks to receive the DMV driving records by mail.

Obtain Employee DMV Driving Records Online

The state of Texas also permits employers to obtain DMV records online. This is the most convenient means to obtain DMV driving records; however, employers must be sure to conduct business with a reputable online supplier of DMV records. has ensured that employers can safely receive DMV records online by partnering with 4SafeDrivers, a reputable vendor of DMV driving records that provides users with affordable, accurate and up-to-date DMV records. Employers can expect to receive DMV records in a convenient, timely manner.

It is the choice of the employer to obtain Texas employee driving records, and a choice that each employer should consider. Avoid making costly mistakes – order convenient, accurate and expedited DMV driving records online at 4SafeDrivers.

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