Texas Criminal History Report

There are many reasons to obtain criminal records.  To start employers frequently obtain criminal records on applicants that they are considering for hiring.  There is also the instance where you may be dating a new individual and would like to obtain a criminal record on the person to ensure that you are safe around the person.  Or, you might just like to check your own personal criminal record to ensure that there are no errors recorded on the record.  Whatever the reason, in the State of Texas, individuals do have the advantage of ordering their criminal record or the criminal record of someone else.  With Department of Motor Vehicles Guide, 4dmv.com you will find all the information you need to know regarding Texas criminal records and how to obtain them.

What Exact Information Does A Texas Criminal Record Provide

A Texas criminal report provides specific information regarding your offense which includes:

  • Criminal
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Sex offender
  • Civil offense
  • Any punishments, penalties, and fines
  • Whether resolved
Texas criminal history reports will have specific information regarding your charge, the date, and other pertinent information relating to your crime.

  • Should you be a Texas resident that has a criminal history you may be able to have your report sealed.  In order to have your criminal history sealed you will need to discuss your options with a lawyer.
  • Criminal reports can be obtained online through a number of agencies.  Should you be interested in obtaining a criminal report on yourself or someone else 4dmv.com will connects you to the service providers that provide criminal reports conveniently online.
  • If you are obtaining your criminal record for yourself remember to check for errors on the report.  Human errors often occur.  Take for instance if your social security numbers can be mixed up with someone else’s.  This could spell disaster.  Therefore, it is advisable to check your criminal history report for errors.  If you do happen to find errors on your criminal history report you need to contact the County Clerk with your findings.