Texas Traffic Schools

  • One advantage that many Texas motorists have is that the state will allow them to take a Texas State Approved Traffic School to dismiss a traffic ticket.  This means, that the driver will have the points dismissed from their driving record.
  • The next great news is that those courses can be taken online through an approved Texas traffic school such as I Drive Safely.
Because Texas has a point system, it is easy to accumulate points against your driving record.  Should you be a habitual traffic offender the chances of having your driving privileges revoked are great.  As little as three or four moving violations in a year could find you having your license revoked.  The advantage of driving school is:

  • dismiss the ticket
  • enhance your driving skill and awareness as well
  • ensuring your success on the road
If you are a Texas motorist that has received a moving violation then it is strongly suggested that you consider a traffic school.  If you were unfortunate to receive a more serious offense such as a DWI then it is always advisable to speak with a lawyer who specializes in traffic cases.  Doing so just may save your license.