Texas Defensive Driving

Texas defensive driving is not aggressive driving, but driving in a manner that protects you from the errors of other drivers.  It is a necessary driving skill that each motorist in the state of Texas should have.  It is important to have a mindset that drivers on the highways and roads may be making mistakes and you should drive in a way that you can avoid these driving errors that the other drivers make.  It is impossible to know what another driver will do, and you must be prepared for all driving obstacles.  Defensive driving is the key to avoid injury or damages caused by other drivers on the highways and roads.


Defensive driving courses teach driving laws and rules of the road.  These classes are offered through government agencies in Texas, organizations and through private schools and are designed to promote safer and more informed drivers while reducing the risk of driving.

Defensive driving courses will vary depending on your needs, but each will focus on anticipating hazardous situations and how to avoid them.

Benefits of Texas Defensive Driving

  • Online Courses Available
  • Driving Safety
  • Preventive Accidents
  • Hazardous Driving Conditions
  • Texas Driving Laws
  • Road and Traffic Signs
Defensive Driving Tips

Although there are many defensive driving tips, the following list will help you to obtain an idea of how you can practice defensive driving on the roadways.

  • Be alert to road signs at all times
  • When ascending or descending down steep roads, be sure to use lower gear
  • Never coast in neutral when descending down a steep roadway
  • Have a mindset that every other driver on the roadways is making a mistake and you should drive in a way to avoid the other drivers mistakes
  • Always wear your seatbelt and make sure that each passenger in the car has their seatbelt securely fastened as well
  • Know the Texas state laws and limitations
  • Be alert of all road conditions and know how to safely drive in each