Buying A Used Car In Texas

From Dealership

Like purchasing a new car from a dealer in Texas, purchasing a used vehicle necessitates additional steps. The good news is... Laws are in place to protect the buyer. If you've decided that buying used is the best option for you, you must still bring a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. You'll always need those, regardless of the dealer. There are notable differences between buying pre-owned from a dealer and what you should expect from a pre-owned seller. Regardless of whether your car is new or used, you will be given a bill of sale, which is essentially a receipt. An Odometer Mileage Disclosure Form, a Buyer's Guide, and a signed Certificate of Title are also included. Within 20 days of the sale, a dealer is required to transfer the title into your name. Texas also has a law known as the Lemon Law. This law protects you as the buyer and binds any remaining warranties on the vehicle. While it will not help you collect money for damages, it will force the manufacturer to buy back or replace your defective vehicle if it is still under warranty.

From Private Seller

Buying used from a private seller may be your most cost-effective option. This decision, however, is not without risk. For example, you are not always guaranteed a Bill of Sale, and you must also transfer title. As a result, if you've found a car you like online, we recommend that you consider the following factors before making a purchase.


  • Driver's license
  • Proof of insurance
  • A pen
Make sure whoever you're buying from has the Certificate of Title in their possession. This Title guarantees that they are the vehicle's current owner, and you should never leave a private sale without it. They can successfully transfer ownership to you by signing it and noting the mileage on the odometer. It is critical to remember that the title must be transferred within 30 days of the purchase.