Texas Bill of Sale

What is a bill of sale?  It is a necessary document that should be included in the purchase or sell of a vehicle.  For private parties buying or selling a vehicle, it is essential.  There are times that you may not need a bill of sale such as if you have the certificate of title which has a section that the seller completes when he sells the vehicle.  A bill of sale is simply another document that states the vehicle has been sold and that the new owner is not responsible for any liens, fees or encumbrances on the vehicle and the seller is no longer liable for the vehicle.

What is Included on The Bill of Sale

  • The Bill of Sale includes specific information on the buyer and the seller such as their names and addresses.  It also discloses the vehicles description and the VIN number.  Other specific information included on the Bill of Sale is the license plate number, date of date of sell and the previous owner and the purchase price of the vehicle.
Finding a Bill of Sale Form

  • If you live in Jefferson County they have what is called a bare-bones bill of sale which can be found at Regional Service Centers.
This Bill of Sale form can be used in any county in Texas.  Your local County Tax Assessor’s-Collector’s office may also offer a Bill of Sale form.  Visit to find out  Bill of Sale form

  • 4dmv.com also provides generic Bill of Sale forms which can be used as well.  Should you require the download of a Bill of Sale form simply visit our Bill of Sale Marketplace where you will find the forms for free