VT Equipment & Technology

Vermont drivers have so much to think about, from their license to their vehicle licensing and all that comes along with these things, as well as the other services offered by the DMV. However, that doesn’t mean that all your auto thoughts should be geared towards the DMV and tasks you must complete. Instead, you could also be thinking about the equipment and technology for drivers that have been introduced into the market over the past few years.

Driver’s equipment is offered to help drivers be safer, keep those riding with them safer, and to drive more conveniently as well, with driver technologies that allow driving to be simpler and more efficient than ever before. Check out these great items hitting the automotive market, made just for drivers like you.

  • Pet Safety Equipment There are many drivers out there that enjoy taking their pup for a ride, but sometimes there is the worry of the pet’s safety while riding with you. If you want to make sure that your pet is as safe as you are, you can check out the several types of pet safety restraints for vehicles, so they too can be buckled up on the ride.
  • GPS/Navigation Technology and Equipment There are several different types of GPS systems that offer a great convenience to drivers, allowing them to get where they plan to go much quicker with step by step instructions. From handhelds to dash attachments, there are several different products to check out.
  • Gifts for Vehicle Gadget Lovers
Gadget lovers can get great fun from the many gadgets that are out there just for drivers and their vehicles. From antenna buddies to other items that can give their vehicle a great personality that reflects the owner well, there are great gift ideas that you could use to keep someone driving in style and with things that remind them of you too.

  • Traffic Navigation Technology and Equipment A GPS system is the ultimate in navigation for driving from point A to point B, however, these handy traffic navigation devices can do a bit more than provide detailed directions, also offering information about the current traffic situation such as traffic delays, detours, alternate routes, and more.
  • Tire Shopping Everyone is going to shop for tires from one time to another as the tires wear during use and can often be busted or get a hole. If you want to find the best tires possible for the lowest cost possible, you can use 4DMV.com for the tips you need to find the tires you need within your budget.
  • Side Air Bags There are several vehicles today that are built with side air bags to help prevent injuries caused by side window or door impact with passengers. Find out whether your vehicle comes with these air bags, or vehicles offering this equipment.
  • Child Car Seats Child car seats are very important for parents to consider as they are a requirement for all child passengers, often until the age of 10 or older. Making sure your child passengers are as safe as possible means getting a federally approved car seat that is adequate for their size and weight.
  • Radar Detectors You may hear a lot of criticism against radar detectors and their legality, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t on the market. There are several products offered to ensure that you know when you are entering a speed trap on the road.
  • Remote Starters Vehicle owners are getting a great bit of use from remote starters, allowing them to warm up their vehicles and even set the temperature before they even get outside. This is a matter of convenience and can make any car trip a lot more fun and easy from the start.
  • Vehicle Bluetooth The Bluetooth is nothing new, but the addition of equipment and devices in your vehicle to enable Bluetooth use while driving is a bit newer than others. You can talk on the phone without risking a ticket or accident due to diminished attention on the road.
There are other forms of equipment and technology for vehicles, offering a great deal of convenience, time-saving opportunity, and even safety for all drivers in Vermont and their different passengers.