VT Personalized Plates

Drivers today enjoy making their vehicle their own, giving it a personality beyond other vehicles on the roadways, and putting their own signature on the vehicle so others can see them as they see the vehicle approaching. One of the best ways to place your own signature on the vehicle is to get Vermont personalized plates, which you can purchased from the DMV in place of the standard license plates offered.

Not all drivers are going to add personalized plates to their vehicle, but those who wish to add a little something different where the tags are placed are given several different options for personalizing license plates just to their taste. You will have a selection of up to 7 different characters of your choosing, or 5 if the personalized tags are being placed on a motorcycle.

4DMV.com can help you determine the restrictions and limitations to the characters that can be chosen in combination, ensuring that derogatory and inflammatory personalization is not allowed.

Apply for VT Personalized License Plates

  1. Bring valid standard tags and sticker to the DMV, which you will surrender in place of the personalized plates.
  2. Complete and submit application for special license plates, which may be available online through the VT DMV website.
  3. Pay your fees which can be found on the application.
  4. Attach the plates and affix your stickers appropriately.
You can also complete the process in place of the standard plates when you originally register the vehicle, or even while you are renewing your vehicle’s registration. No offensive material will be approved, so be sure to choose a combination of characters that is appropriate.

If it is found that your character choice represents offensive material, your request will be denied.

Organization Tags in Vermont

There are many organizations within the state, and the DMV offers you the ability to choose organization related plates for your vehicle, including for state colleges and Universities that you may attend, may have children in, or may have attended in the past.

These organizational plates may not be able for vehicles other than standard passenger vehicles, so check with the DMV first. You can obtain your application for plates at the organization you are supporting from the actual organization.

If you choose organizational plates, a percentage of the costs for the plates is donated to the organization, helping you support them both financially and through your vehicle.