VT Replace Registration

As with any other driver or vehicle documents, lost vehicle registration represents an issue for you. You can receive penalties if you aren’t able to prove that the vehicle is registered, and you could experience difficulties in obtaining further DMV vehicle or driver services.

Getting a duplicate registration certificate or card for your vehicle is a must, and shouldn’t be something that you put off doing as it is quite simple to do with the DMV office near you.

If you aren’t too sure that you misplaced or lost your registration and instead think that someone has stolen your documents, you must also report the theft to the police department nearest to you so that a report is filed, which can be useful in getting a duplicate registration card or certificate without paying a fee, as well as ensuring that no one else is able to use the registration of your vehicle.

The DMV may offer a mail-in process for registration replacement, which can be done by getting the form, either from the office or online, completing the appropriate sections of the form, adding your fee, and sending to the address that is listed on the form.

  • Make sure that you include a photo copy of your VT driver’s license.
  • Pay your fees for all cards or certificates of registration that you wish to obtain in check or money order form.
  • Send the application fully completed and signed.
Once the application is submitted to the DMV, you will have about a 30 day wait until the registration documents are sent back to you. If more than 90 days lapse and you still haven’t received your duplicate registration documents, you should contact the DMV to check the status and alert them of the missing documents. This will also give you the chance to file for lost registration again at no cost and ensure the correct address is on file.

Replacing License Plates

If you need a license plate replacement because your tags were stolen, damaged, or misplaced, you will complete the same process again, with a different fee assessed.

Once the process is completed, your tags are sent to your home much like your registration documents, which should be attached to your vehicle immediately in order to get back on the road.