VT Drivers Over 18

First time drivers in Vermont come in all ages. There are those that are teens just reaching the minimum age, anxious to get behind the wheel and unfamiliar with all that comes with driving, and there are those that are over the age of 18, and could come in one of many forms including:

  • Adults moving to the state from another where currently licensed
  • Adults moving to the state from another where not currently licensed
  • Adults who have never been licensed before
  • Adults who have allowed license to become expired for quite some time
In these cases, and others as well, first time license procedures come into play, as you must complete the same steps a new licensee goes through to get behind the wheel in the state. Although you may be licensed in another state, your driving privileges must be transferred, which means going through VT first time driver steps.

  1. Complete driver’s license application form
  2. Submit proof of address, residency, and SSN
  3. Pay associated fees
  4. Take written and road exam
  5. Take vision exam
  6. Take photo
  7. Receive license
In some states, even first time drivers over 18 are required to hold a learner’s permit, so check with the DMV before you apply so you know what to expect.

Driver’s Education and Training Courses

In most cases, new drivers over 18 aren’t going to have to take the driver’s ed and training courses that teen first time drivers may, these courses are invaluable and should be taken regardless. You get the instruction that you should receive before getting behind the wheel for the first time, and an update of any laws that you may not know have changed. You also get the driving practice that can ensure your road exam is aced the first time – getting you behind the wheel easier, more confident, and much quicker.

Preparing for Your Driver’s License Appointment

There are several things to know before you get ready for your visit to the DMV to get your driver’s license. For one, you will be completing all three tests:

  • Written exam
  • Vision test
  • Road exam
For the best preparation, the VT driver’s manual is a good choice for reading up the basics of driving that you will be tested on. If you want to practice taking the test, study this handbook as all answers to the test are found within, and find out what practice written exams are offered for Vermont new drivers.

Another thing to remember is that you will take the road exam, which requires that you bring an insured vehicle that is registered in the state and has accurate and updated documentation. You may also need a licensed driver with you, so be sure that you contact your local DMV to determine just what is required as you arrive. Your road exam will take you on a short course through the area, in which you will complete simple and basic moves all drivers are required to complete each day as a licensed driver. If you pass the exam, you will be given your driver’s license after the photo is taken and your fees are paid.

If you fail the road exam, be sure to determine with the DMV just how long you have to wait for a retest. Make sure to get the practice and study you need so that you can pass the next time you take the test.