VT Check Credit Score

Checking your credit score is not a task you should ignore. There are too many reasons that you should check your personal credit score from time to time to let the opportunity pass you by.

  • Determine your eligibility for loans and credit offers
  • Monitor your score for any issues or inaccuracies
  • Determine needs for debt consolidation or financial management
  • Prevent the occurrence of identity theft

The Importance of Your Credit Score

Even in Vermont, your credit score matters. Whether you are applying for an auto or personal loan or need to extend credit, this score is going to make a big difference on the decision made to approve your application. At the same time, there are different ways that you can use credit score monitoring to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft

If you aren’t sure just what identity theft is or what it can do, you must get acquainted with the knowledge immediately, as identity theft is one of the most common crimes taking place as more and more information is contained on PC and sent over the net. Where does your credit score come in? Well, with your credit report, you can monitor and check for any of the following:

  • Credit accounts in your name you haven’t authorized
  • Loans or cash advances you haven’t authorized
  • Credit cards and bank accounts that aren’t yours but are in your name
  • Credit inquiries that were not made with your permission
If your credit score begins to drop and you haven’t made any decisions to create such an effect, you definitely want to contact the credit bureau and the Federal Consumer Commission to determine what steps you should take in order to prevent further fraud and repair that which has happened to date.

Where Does a Consumer Credit Score Come From?

There are several different things that affect your credit score, each leading to changes in the overall score for the better or the worse. If you are making wise decisions, you should see the score increasing, while poor decisions can cause the score to decrease. So where is this score coming from?

  • Past credit lines or accounts
  • Current credit lines or accounts
  • Credit inquiries in your name
  • Payment records for accounts
  • Loans paid or delinquent, or even current
  • Company credit reports in your name
If you have a high credit score, you can expect a lot more opportunities than if your score is low, which can block a great deal of financial progress for you and your family.

Get Your Credit Score Online

There are three main sources to get your credit score which are seen to be the most trustworthy resources. There are offers that can be illegitimate, just phishing for your information; so if you want to stay safe, be sure to choose one of the following to receive your online credit score:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Transunion
You can also receive your credit score by mail through these agencies, which are the three leading credit agencies, offering the most accurate and appropriate information.