VT Motorcycle

If you are considering operation of a motorcycle in the state of Vermont, you will want to know what requirements you must meet first so you can be properly licensed to do so. Getting a motorcycle license is a great way to ensure that you are legally able to operate your motorbike in the state’s public roadways without receiving penalties.

There are different types of motor bikes, with the state considering some types to be worthy of licensing before operation, while others may not. Typically, those that are engine operated will require a motorcycle operation license before they can be operated on roadways, while those without or those with a small powered motor will not require licensing, sometimes not even a standard driver’s license.

VT Motorcycle Operator’s License

There is an VT motorcycle operator’s manual that is offered to all residents of the state that plan on riding their bikes in the state’s streets. This handbook offers all the rules, mechanics, and basics of motorcycle operation in Vermont. There are a few steps to getting your motorcycle license, which will be required for any qualified motor bikes dictated by the state.

  1. Contact the VT DMV or visit the site online to determine the requirements for your specific motor bike, taking the necessary steps to receive your license.
  2. Study your motorcycle handbook in order to prepare best for your motorcycle skills test.
  3. Visit your local VT DMV office to complete and submit your motorcycle license application.
  4. Complete necessary testing, which will include a written skills test and a road exam.
  5. Pay your motorcycle license fee.
  6. Receive your license.
In some cases, you may be required to first obtain a motorcycle permit, which is much like the driver’s learning permit for the standard license. If this is the case, you will be able to receive the permit by taking the written and vision exam, paying the fee, and submitting your application. Once you have held the permit the required amount of time, you will be eligible for your motorcycle license, which is provided to you with proof of a permit and standard license.

Vermont Motorcycle Registration

For operation of your motorcycle on the state’s public states, VT motorcycle registration is going to be required. This means you have to take the motorcycle to the DMV, have it inspected, complete the process and show proof of ownership, receiving the proper registration over your motorcycle. You will also have to renew the registration each time it expires.

To register your motorcycle, prepare you will be required to bring in the following to the VT DMV office:

  • Motorcycle registration application
  • Motorcycle title or proof of ownership
  • Current auto insurance policy over the motorbike
  • Proper VT identification
  • VIN verification
  • Registration fee
You must register the motorcycle within the required time after entering the state or purchasing the bike.