VT New Drivers Under 18

Vermont holds different requirements for new drivers of different ages within the state, with new drivers under the age of 18 requiring a few more steps before licensing is possible. In fact, licensing is only after a learning permit has been held for the required minimum amount of time, the completion of all required tests, and the appropriate payment of fees and submission of paperwork and required documents.

  • Drivers under 18 must first obtain parent/guardian consent to receive a learner’s permit and driver’s license.
  • Drivers under 18 are often required to complete driver’s education courses before obtaining license.
  • Drivers under 18 are not permitted to receive a standard driver’s license until a permit is first held for the required length of time determined by the VT DMV.
Typically, to obtain a learning permit in VT, you will be required to follow these steps:

  1. Complete learner’s permit application form.
  2. Submit parent or guardian consent form.
  3. Pass written and vision exams.
  4. Pay learner’s permit fees.
If you are moving forward from a learner’s permit, you will be required to follow these steps to receive your license:

  1. Hold learner’s permit state required length of time.
  2. Submit parent or guardian consent form.
  3. Provide proof of any required driver’s education course completion.
  4. Maintain clean driver’s record avoiding offenses.
When these requirements are met, you are eligible to take your road exam and receive your standard driver’s license with all the freedom that comes with it.

Driver’s Ed in Vermont

When you receive your learner’s permit, it is the best idea to complete a driver’s ed course. You may be required by the state to do so if you are a minor under 18 receiving your license for the first time, but even if you aren’t required, you should take the class. This will also provide your needed practice hours driving with your learning permit.

VT Learner’s Permit

Getting your learning permit in Vermont is a process that ensures you are ready for a driver’s license. Being under the age of 18, you are considered to be a driver that is more at risk to yourself and others on the roads of the state. You, therefore, are required to hold your permit for the required time getting the practice that is needed to ensure proper driving practices and knowledge, as well as experience.

If the following applies to you, you will be required to first obtain your permit before getting your license with no restrictions:

  • You are under the age of 18 and have not held a learner’s permit; or
  • You are a new driver that has never been licensed; or
  • You are a new resident to the state and never held a license, or license has been expired over 6 months.
If you are ready for your learner’s permit application process, you will need to do the following:

  1. Study the VT Driver’s Handbook
  2. Take study practice tests in order to see what the test will be like
  3. Submit your learner’s permit application
  4. Submit your parent/guardian consent
  5. Prove who you are with proper identification
  6. Verify your SSN with your Social Security card
  7. Pass your licensing written exam and vision screen
Once you complete these steps and pay the fees associated, your photo is taken and you are given your learner’s restricted license. Check with the DMV to determine the fees that are introduced for your permit.

You will have restrictions with your learner’s permit, such as:

  • You cannot operate any motor vehicle without a licensed supervising driver who is 21 or older
  • You cannot operate any motor vehicle with passengers in the vehicle other than your supervising driver and dependents qualified by the DMV
  • You cannot operate any motor vehicle with a passenger in the front seat who is not the supervising licensed driver
  • You cannot operate any motor vehicle between the hours specified by the DMV for any purpose
Getting Some Practice

Once you get your learner’s permit, you are required to complete a specified amount of driving hours, typically between 50 and 60 hours of supervised driving on the roads of the state. Most drivers choose to complete these hours through Driver’s Ed, as they can be completed during training.

You will be required to hold the permit for at least 6 months as well, which is a great time to get all the practice you can. While there are specified hours required, you can always get more than that.

Getting an Unrestricted Driver’s License

When you have met the eligibility requirements for your VT driver’s license, you are able to take your road exam, which is an on-road test where you are directed by an instructor to complete various moves on road.

  1. Make an appointment with the DMV whether required or not.
  2. Bring your learner’s permit.
  3. Show proof of required driving hours.
  4. Show proof of auto insurance covering testing vehicle.
  5. Show proof of registration of testing vehicle.
  6. Show license of accompanying driver if required.
  7. Visit the licensing test center with all documents in hand.
  8. Complete your on-road test.
Once you pass the test, your fees are paid, and all documents are submitted, you will take another photo which is placed on the VT driver’s license. You will be required to renew regularly when expired, with replacement necessary if the card is lost or stolen.

If you don’t pass the exam, another test is required before your license is issued. You will be required to schedule an appointment at a later date to retake the test so you can be licensed.