VT Inspections, Smog, and Emissions

The pollution emitted from vehicles in the form of smog and emissions can be highly detrimental to the health of the ozone and our atmosphere. In order to combat severe pollution effects that could harm the future of the planet, states take extra efforts to ensure that vehicles on the roadways aren’t emitting a level of emissions that is above average—as some vehicles may after time and poor maintenance.

The VT Department of Motor Vehicles, working with the environment protection agencies and state patrol in the state, ensure that vehicles that emit too much pollution are prevented from entering roadways by requiring emissions inspection and testing within high-rate pollution counties.

Emissions Testing in Vermont

When you register your vehicle, you are also required to complete any emissions testing that is required in your county or area. If you are renewing your registration, your renewal notice will indicate your need to complete this testing.

  1. Determine requirement for inspection
  2. Find local emissions test inspection center
  3. Visit center with vehicle
  4. Complete emissions exam
  5. Receive certificate
When you receive your emissions inspection certificate, you will bring it with you when you register or re-register your vehicle in VT.

The cost for your inspection differs by center, so be sure to call before you arrive so you can make sure you have your fees together.

Emissions Inspection Failed

If the vehicle fails the emissions exam, you will have to follow the following steps to get the vehicle on the road:

  1. Determine repairs required to update vehicle and bring emissions level to state standards.
  2. Costs of repairs are your responsibility, and retesting will be required.
  3. Take the vehicle to the emissions testing center with proof of repairs for another inspection.
If your vehicle fails again, there are steps you can take to get back on the road for at least another year before the inspection must be passed, however, you must check with the VT DMV to determine which steps are most appropriate.

The paperwork you receive with your vehicle’s emission inspection is important for your registration process. If you aren’t required to complete inspection within your county, however, you can just register your vehicle without all this paperwork.