VT Forms

So many DMV offices throughout the country have realized the need to integrate convenience with the DMV services offered, which means offering more options for getting these services. One of the best conveniences offered by the DMV today is the option to download your DMV forms online so you can print, complete, and submit without having to set foot in the office.

You can get many of your needed DMV forms online by visiting the DMV website, for various different reasons including:

  • Driver’s licensing
  • License renewal
  • Address change
  • Registration of vehicle
  • New or duplicate vehicle title
  • Registration renewal
  • License replacement
All DMV service forms are offered by the DMV, and while you can find a great majority online, those with individual identifiers on the form, such as barcodes or number codes, aren’t going to be offered through the website.

Getting the online driver forms you need is very simple, with just a few steps to complete:

  1. Visit the DMV website.
  2. Choose the DMV form that you need or search the directory for those that are required for your services.
  3. Download the form that you require.
  4. Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader and print.
  5. Submit the form through one of the methods offered by the DMV.
If you want to download your forms online, you should have Adobe Reader first or you won’t be able to open the file. To get Adobe Reader, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Adobe website at https://get.adobe.com/reader
  2. Choose operating system
  3. Download program
  4. Run and install program following on-screen prompts
  5. Get forms
You can even save your forms, or get PDF filler software to complete the forms as well.

You can also visit a local DMV office to get your driver forms, which is a more tedious task but is often a more comfortable method for many drivers. In order to find the DMV office near you, you can access the directory through the website, which is going to offer a list of all county offices and the services offered. You can get the driver’s license forms from the driver’s license service centers, and the vehicle forms from the vehicle licensing offices.