VT Criminal Records

Your criminal record is a complete record of your criminal history, which is often used by potential employers as you apply for new positions. Your Vermont criminal records can hold information from any state that you have lived in, which is useful to many people evaluating your qualifications for things like employment, tenancy, and more.

What Does Your Criminal Record Show?

There is a lot held within the couple pages that are your criminal history report, such as:

  • Police Records
  • Court Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Criminal Records
These details about you are used to ensure that you don’t pose a threat to a business you may seek employment with, a community you may seek a home within, or other areas that you may seek entry into.

Free Criminal Background Checks?

You can search and search the web for free background checks, but you aren’t likely to be successful in the search. While there are several sites and banners offering free criminal reports, you will find that they are only “free” if you are purchasing a product, a service, or even a membership or subscription that is going to often cost more than getting these records from your VT DMV.

There are sites out there that can offer cheap criminal records, but in most cases you only get a preliminary report rather than the complete or full report. When you go through the DMV or your local Vermont court system -- often the clerk of courts – you have the option between an abstract which only features limited information or a complete report that offers a full report.

Why Request a Criminal History Check?

There are several different types of people with several different reasons to get a criminal background check, finding the information contained to be quite useful.

  • Personal background checks by the individual seeking to ensure accuracy or to determine the strikes against them that others see.
  • Employers seeking to verify information provided by a potential employee and to determine qualifications for employment.
  • Insurance companies seeking to determine whether insuring the person is a risk. Often determining DUI arrests and convictions when determining qualification or rates for auto insurance.
  • Renters seeking to verify information from applicant or to determine qualifications of potential tenant.
Getting your own report offers a great deal of information that you should verify from time to time. At the same time, you may want to take action to improve this report, which can only be done if you know what exists. If you are seeking legal aid to seal your records, you can find attorneys in Vermont that specialize in doing just that.