Defensive Driving Schools

Defensive Driving Schools are an asset to driver’s with points against their record.  Each state has state specific guidelines and regulations that they follow which normally allow motorists with first time points or too many points the option of attending a driving school which will then have the ticket dismissed  or the points may be reduced on the motorists record. Most DUI Attorneys and Lawyers will recommend that you attend a traffic school or a defensive driving school to knock points off your DMV point list.


There isn’t just the costly fine to be concerned with when you receive a moving violations, there is the possibility of a height raise in your insurance premiums. realizes that accurate and up to date information specific to your state is vital.  As a motorist you know the facts we have gathered our expert researchers to compile all the necessary information you will need and bring it to you in easy to read guides.

Defensive Driving Schools are beneficial for the motorist that is issued a ticket or for the motorist looking for a discount in their insurance premiums.  Defensive Driving Schools have become so convenient they are even approved online traffic school programs.   Finding an approved traffic school in your state is easy with  We have conducted all the tiring research so there is no need for you to shift through page after page of driver’s Defensive Driving Schools spending tiring hours to find a traffic training school in your local area.  We also have compiled all the state specific information you need to know and present it in our easy to read guides, along with more ticket and violation information.

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