New Drivers 18+

For residents that are 18 years and older and applying for a driver’s license for the first time, there are guidelines that you will have to follow. While drivers the age of 18 years and older do have less requirements then the teen drivers, they still must follow the state specific rules in to obtain their driver’s license. has compiled this useful guide to help all first time drivers 18 years and older to obtain their driver’s license and to begin experience the freedom of driving. If you are a New Driver under 18, you may also want to learn more about Traffic Schools in your area, along with Traffic Tickets and Fines.

Driver’s Licenses:

First, the first time driver must choose which type of license they wish to apply for. In the state of , the motorist will have the choice of the following driver’s licenses:

Class A. A Class A license is for all motorists that are operating non- commercial combination vehicle which weighs more than 26,000 pounds.

Class B. A Class B driver’s license is for all motorists that will be operating a non-commercial vehicle which weighs more than 26,000 pound. For motorists operating a motor home on the highways and roads they are likely to obtain a Class B driver’s license.

Class C. A Class C driver’s license if valid for operating most cars on the public highways and roads.

Class M. A Class M driver’s license is for all motorists that are operating a motorcycle or moped on the highways and roads.

Commercial CDL, A, B and C. A Commercial CDL A, B and C are for all those motorists that will be operating a commercial vehicle on the highways and roads. For more information on Commercial licenses, visit’s

Commercial Driver’s License Section. For any applicants that are under the age of 18 they there are different guidelines that must be followed. For more information visit’s Teen Driver Section.

Driver’s Education Requirements For all first time drivers that are under the age of 18 years a driver’s education course is mandatory.

For all first time drivers that are 18 years of age through 24 years old they must complete and pass an adult driver education program and must show proof of completing the course. Although a driver education course is not required for applicants that are 18 and older it is recommended.

Drivers Preparation Course has paired with our sponsor, I Drive Safely to bring you the extra preparation you need to understand the rules of the public highways and roads. The driver’s preparation course is designed to give you the added education that you need in order to successfully pass your driving test. The course is a one hour course and is a condensed version of the applicant’s driver’s education program. What You Will Need To Apply for Your Driver’s License

Show your Social Security card or proof of your Social Security number.

Show proof that your vehicle, should you own a vehicle, is registered and that you have the required amount of liability insurance required.

Pass the tests which are the written, driving a vision tests administered by the state through your local Driver License office. For the driving portion of the exam the applicant will need to provide the motor vehicle for testing. Each application requires a photograph and a thumbprint to be taken.

Take the Written Test After you have studied the Drivers Handbook you will be ready to take the written portion of you driving exam. As well as your vision exam. Your Driver License office will administer the test orally upon request.

Take the Driving Test In order to take the road portion of you testing you will need to have a vehicle of your own. At the time you take your driving portion of the state exam, you will also be required to show proof of liability insurance on the vehicle. You will also need:

Show proof of you driver education program if applicable

Bring your driver’s permit if applicable

Show your Social Security card or proof of your social Security number

f you are a resident that recently relocated to the state of then and have a valid driver’s license issued by your previous state, then you are not required to take the road test. However, your license must be valid in order to bypass the road test.

If you Fail Your Driving Text

Should you fail your driving test, your examiner will discuss with you what skills you are lacking. You will have the option of returning for another attempt, once you have developed the necessary skills.

Once You Pass Your Driving Test Once you pass the driving portion of your testing, you can then pay the required fees if you did not during the application process and will then have your photo and fingerprints taken. You will be issued a receipt which serves as your temporary driver’s license weeks.

You may also obtain an IDP- international Driver Permit which is suggested. The permit is issued by your country and translates your licensed so that U.S officials can easily understand your license. Should you be considering renting a car while you are visiting , many car agencies require an IDP in addition to your country’s driver’s license.

Should you decide to stay in and become a permanent resident, you will need to apply for a state driver’s license within 90 days of establishing your residency.

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