Lemon Law

If you have ever purchased a vehicle, only to find that it was a lemon, you can understand the reason why the each U.S. state enforces one form of the Lemon Law or another in order to ensure that the investment in a vehicle is made safe and secure. Dealers are mandated by this law to provide specific information and to provide vehicles that are warrantied and are capable of function. Getting a Vehicle History report will also help you ascertain the past of the vehicle.

What is the Lemon Law For?

Consumers are protected from purchasing poor quality vehicles by the Lemon Law. Any vehicle that has continuous repair to the same part without the malfunction discontinuing is considered a lemon by law. There are many Lemon Law guidelines, including:

  • Lemon Law Dealer Requirements
  • Lemon Law State Laws
  • Consumer Procedures

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle from a certified vendor, the dealer is mandated by state Lemon Law to inform you of any rights within the state provided by the law. They must also inform you if the vehicle was previously surrendered due to the Lemon Law, but that doesn’t mean that you will always be told if the vehicle you are purchasing is a dud or not.

If, in fact, you do purchase a lemon, you may need a Lemon Law attorney who specializes in such cases and can ensure that you are able to retrieve your payments into the vehicle or obtain a replacement of adequate value.

For other info such as maybe running a Background Check or Criminal Report on a seller, check out our links.

Not sure what to do in these cases or where to find the appropriate attorney?

There are several resources that are available per state, and if you want information you can rely on, 4DMV.com has it all. You should look through the Lemon Law for your state to see just what rights you really have and what requirements are made of dealers by the law in your state. This can be great protection against purchasing a vehicle that is going to cause great financial stress in the future, which is the motivation of 4DMV.com.