Applying for a New License (Teen Drivers)

Applying for a new license can be such an exciting time for teens that they often forget their responsibilities in the process. As parents, you try to help them by guiding them in the right direction, and as teens, you try to learn all you can about the process and what you have to do so you are more than ready when the time comes. If you are over 18, check out our information for New Drivers over 18 years old.

Teen licensing follows a standard process, in which the teen must first hold a learning permit for the state specified minimum after which testing for a standard license is possible. If successful completion of all exams, the license is given to the teen who abides by the same laws as other drivers on the road. However, there are other rules that apply only to teen drivers that you must be aware of before applying for your new license, which is what can show you. Some states may also require a Traffic School, especially if the teen has had any traffic tickets before getting a full license.

Getting a first-time driver’s license can be a time full of anxiety, and if you don’t know what to expect, you are going to definitely expect the worse. If you, as a parent, aren’t sure what the state laws are or what process your teenager will undergo for his or her license, then you too can become more informed by letting provide you with the information you need quickly and without the stress.

Your first license is important to you, and your parents are sure proud, but if you aren’t getting the information you need, this can be a less than joyous time for you. Don’t fail exams because you weren’t able to obtain the appropriate driving handbook, or due to your inability to understand the various state traffic laws. Instead, allow to collect the information you need and provide it in one simple format online. Apply for your first license with the help of, who will even offer the online resources that service your state, or the forms that you need to apply for your license.

Your first license application and all the information needed to understand the test can also be obtained right from, giving you a break when it comes to searching and a benefit when it comes to getting information. Check out the rest of for more Driver’s License and Identification topics.