Welcome to your new state!  It is our privilege at to provide you with all the information, guidelines and regulations on the various safety laws in your new state to help protect you and keep you safe.  And, to help keep you out of the arms of the law! has dedicated themselves to bringing you the most accurate, up-to-date information in your specific state through our easy to navigate site.  You can also use to find information that you will need to change your address and apply for a new license, this can be performed before or after your move.

It is necessary to know the laws of the road in your specific state.  Now that you are new to your state, it is essential that you take the time to learn these laws.  Safety laws include a wide range of areas.  There are laws for driver’s under the age of 18.  There are specific safety laws regarding seat belts and child safety seats.  There are laws regarding the use of cell phones while you are driving- which if prohibited in your state, just might save you a ticket.  There may be laws preventing smoking in a car with a minor.  There are also headlight laws which drivers must be aware of.  All these simple laws can prevent injury and tragedy when practiced and must be upheld under law.

Should you happen to be driving a motorcycle, then you will want to get the specific safety requirements and laws for your specific state.  Does your new state require motorcycle helmets?  What are the safety laws regarding children? has mapped out everything that you need to know in your specific state in our easy to follow guides. We offer plenty of sources when it comes to relocating your home, check back with us at often.

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