State Regulations

Buying and selling your vehicle can be a complicated mater. It is a legal process that must be done properly. At we realize that you must know each step of the process as well as each legal formality that is involved. We have taken the time to research all the information you need specific to your state and to bring that information to you in an easy to read, easy to follow format. We have done away with all the legal jargon that has many motorist riddled, and present you with all the valuable information regarding the buying or selling of your vehicle in simple layman’s terms. There are procedures that must be followed in both the buying and the selling process of a vehicle. For this reason, prides itself in bringing you all the information you need to make each step of the process a pleasant experience, whether buying or selling your vehicle.

There are many options that are available when searching for a new vehicle or used, or trading in that old jalopy of yours.


When conducting business with a dealership you feel as though you have security. After all, these are the ones that the manufacture of the brand has chosen to represent them. And there is a safety element involved. But, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to know your facts. For instance. What if a vehicle that you are considering at the dealership has been declared salvage under the lemon law. Yes, by law, the dealership should and is entitled to inform you, but, this does not necessarily mean that they will. It is a sticky situation and one that will insure you have all the information you needs.


Private party buying and selling can not only give you the advantage of a discounted price in the vehicle for buyers, it can give you the advantage of cash in your pocket for sellers However, there are still steps and paperwork that is required and knowing the exact paperwork and documentation that must be filled out and filed is essential.

At we proved all the information you need when buying or selling your vehicle. There are many things to consider, such as a Bill of Sale and, specific guidelines and regulations for each state that must be followed. We also give you valuable tips such as how to find out if a vehicle has ever been salvaged, or how many accidents it has been in.