Change Address

Moving is nothing new, and those who do it often are well aware that a change of address is required for your driver’s license, permit, or ID card. There is also a difference when you change address on license or identification cards if you are moving in-state or out-of-state. There are some states that require you complete your driver’s exam as a change of address procedure for those moving from out of the state, while other states will not. Knowing if your state requires this procedure is just one concern when getting a licensing change of address.

Change of Address Procedure

The first thing you must do is determine where the change of address must take place, as well as if it is a change of address for driver’s license purposes or for a regular identification card. There will obviously be a difference in the procedures between the two. The next thing you must do is locate the appropriate DMV office within which the change of address will take place. However, there are many states today that will offer this option online, which can cut your time in half.

If you are moving out-of-state and getting a licensing change of address, make sure you are first aware of what is involved. Do you have testing to complete? Are you going to need special forms? There are forms required for a basic change of address whether you hold a license or not, which you must also be aware of and have complete when you change your address, no matter where you move or whether you have a driver’s license or ID.

If you are moving in-state, is there testing required for licensing or are you simply changing your address and done? This is a different process than moving out of state. When do you receive your new license or ID and how much does it cost? If these are all concerns you have, you should take a look at the information provided by, one of the best resources for today’s drivers who want to know what laws apply within their specific state. We offer plenty of resources for relocation and moving at, check back with us often.


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