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There is a lot to know about being a motorist.  Each state has specific guidelines and regulations.  4DMV.com has compiled all the information that you will need to know in state specific guides that are easy to understand and easy to follow.  It is our privilege to bring you the information you need in a language that you can follow.

In This Section You Will Learn:

How To Get a Loan:  The idea of buying a car is a dream for many motorists. But, it is only a dream come true when often times when we can secure an auto loan.  Learn how to secure a loan in the most favorable light with 4DMV.com.

Leasing:  Leasing is a knowledge that must be understood.  At 4DMV.com we realize that no matter how easy it may appear, there are a lot of factors, that as a consumer, you must be aware of.  L4dmv.com makes it easy for you to understand.

Appraisal and Kelley Blue Book Value:  Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle appraisal value and Kelley Blue Book value are terms that you will want to understand.  Let us help you to obtain the knowledge you need at 4DMV.com.

Manufacturer Incentives:  Dealers often times entice buyers with incentives.  And, although they may sound great, for the consumer, they can be very confusing.  Let us help eliminate the questions so you understand exactly what they are presenting.

Purchasing a Hybrid:  While you would think Hybrid cars are only for those trying to conserve money and be economical they aren’t.  They are for everyone, right down to the rich and famous.  Learn more with 4DMV.com.

Best and Worst Gas Mileage Vehicles:  With a tight economy we must be aware of all our costs, including our gas costs. So, what are the best fuel economy vehicles on the market?  Learn which manufacturers produce the best fuel economy vehicles with 4DMV.com.

Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: Purchasing a used car has become a standard in the United States.  However, there is still a lot to know.  Get the facts that you need to know prior to your purchase of a used vehicle.

How To Research A New Car:  There is no doubt that a purchase of a new car gets the adrenaline flowing.  But as a consumer, you must remember that this is a huge investment and one that should not be taken lightly.  Learn all the specifics you need to know with 4DMV.com.

Review of New Models:  Considering a new model in a vehicle?  Then you will want to know all the latest facts surrounding that vehicle.  Find out everything you need to know with 4DMV.com.

When Is It Time To Buy Another Vehicle:  Do you have a new addition to the family?  Are you beginning to enjoy the great outdoors?  Do you just wish that you could improve your existing vehicle?  Leasing options may be the information you need to obtain that new addition.  Learn how with 4DMV.com.

Understanding Car Financing:  There is a lot of terminology involved in the financing industry.  Much of which can be intimidating.  Learn how to get the best deals- whether new or used.

How To Avoid Flood Damaged Vehicles:  In used cars, flood damaged vehicles present the most problems.  But, how as a used car buyer do you know if the car is flood damaged?  Learn how with 4DMV.com.

Creating a Car Budget:  Before shopping for a vehicle, you must know your budget.  But how do you decide on your budget.  And, know what your monthly payments will be in the price range you are shopping?  Learn how with 4DMV.com.

Considering Resale Value:  New vehicles lose 1/3 of their value within the first year.  When it is time to sell your vehicle or when it is time to purchase a used vehicle you must know about resale value.  Let 4DMV.com bring you the facts and information you need.

Donating Your Car:  Donating your car is a charitable act.  And, it is one that can reward you with a tax deduction in return!  Know if donating your car is an act that is wise for you.  Let 4DMV.com spell it out!

Which New Model Is for You:  Considering a new vehicles?  Do you have a car to trade in?  These are just two of the factors that you will want to consider. There are many new models on the circuit yearly.  Learn how to choose the right one for your needs with 4DMV.com.

How Not To Be Suckered In At The Dealership:  While the shiny gloss and smell of a new vehicle may be enticing…and the savvy salesperson ship of the associate may be overwhelming, it is important to keep your cool when shopping at a new dealership.  Learn the best possible way to present yourself and not to lose your stamina with 4DMV.com.

How To Find The Best Used Cars on The Market:  When buying a used car the entire intention behind the purchase is to save money.  Learn how to save money and to select a used car that will not be a lemon with 4DMV.com.

How To Sell Your Car Online:  Selling your car is not always easy…but with the innovation of the Internet it can be as simple as 1, 2. 3.  Learn how to sell your car through the Internet with 4DMV.com and save yourself al the inconvenience of the traditional means.

Lease Or Buy:  Are you in the market for a new vehicle?  Are you torn between what your best options are?  Maybe you should purchase…maybe you should buy.  Let 4DMV.com help you to understand what your best options are in your particular situation.

How To Take A Test Drive:  Test driving a new or used vehicle is as simple as having a valid driver’s license.  But, it does give the salesperson at the dealership the knowledge that you want the vehicle.  Learn how to get the most value through a test drive and not “tip” off the salesperson that you are interested and “want” the vehicle.

How To Get A Vehicle History Report:  Vehicle History Reports are performed through accessing the VIN – Vehicle Identification Number on a vehicle.  They allow you access to all the information you need pertaining to the vehicle such as how many owners the vehicle has had, whether the vehicle has been salvaged, the number of service repairs to the vehicle and more.  Learn all there is to know about vehicle history reports with 4DMV.com.

Shopping for A Car Online:  The Internet has become one of the greatest resources in shipping for a vehicle.  Online dealers allow you the availability to receive online quotes, compare options and prices and much more.  Learn what you need to know with 4DMV.com.

When To Buy:  Granted we would all like the shiny new vehicle in our yard each day. But, that doesn’t mean it is feasible.  There are many factors that must be taken when purchasing a vehicle.  Let 4DMV.com help you to decide.

Lemon Law Review:  What is the Lemon Law?  Simply put, it is when you purchase a vehicle that is a lemon.  While the manufacturer may be great, and the models notorious for value, there are some instances when a lemon is produced.  Know your rights with 4DMV.com.

We are here to make buying and selling your car or truck an easy process!