Learners Permits

Having a driver’s license is a big responsibility, which is why every state requires that you first gain some training time with a licensed driver, with learners permits required of all first-time drivers. This can be considered as a first-time license, offering the authority to operate a motor vehicle on the streets, as long as there is a driver present who has a valid driver’s license and is an adult of a state-specified age limit. Typically, learners’ license holders are only allowed to operate a vehicle if there is a front passenger over the age of 18, but there are some states that require the licensed passenger is at least 19 or even 21.

Getting a learning permit is different in every state, and can involve different requirements and qualifications before possible. There is a test required in order to obtain the first-time license, ensuring that you are well aware of the rules of the road. This involves the basic and more complex rules, with the time specified for the driver to hold the learning permit also different for each state. While one state may only require 6 months, there are those that require a full year.

If you are a new driver, it is important that you are aware of the state required learners permit laws in order to ensure that you are prepared for the process. If you already have a license, then our links regarding replacing a lost license, renewing a license, or getting an ID card may be more helpful for you. You may be required to complete and pass a written, oral, or even driving exam in order to obtain your learners’ license, with different laws per state. If you are unsure of just what the laws are in your state, it is of the essence that you are able to research your state’s first-time driver’s rules and legislation.

Getting a learners permit is easy and can be done within your local DMV or with state-approved Drivers Ed classes and the appropriate testing. To find out more information to get your state-required learners permit, you should check out your individual state or our other Licensing Topics we have available for you.

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