NE Warrants

If you ever have a warrant, you must know that you will be required to report to jail before the warrant is lifted. At the same time, if you aren’t aware of the warrant and are caught by law enforcement, the inconveniences could be quite extreme.

There are many different ways that a warrant is issued out for your arrest – only issued by an official court judge in relation to an offense you have committed, regardless of guilt. Even if you haven’t been found guilty, you have to go to jail for the warrant to be removed, which could be a stay that lasts until pre-trial arraignment or even further.

If you may have committed an offense or even simply forgot about tickets that you were required to pay and the date has passed, you may have an arrest warrant that you aren’t sure of, which can be found through a warrant check.

A warrant check is a tool for determining whether there is a warrant for your arrest, and can be done for various reasons:

·         Making sure that you are not pending arrest if pulled over.

·         Determining the appropriate steps to take in order to remove warrants or settle the case at hand.

·         Consultations with an attorney who can help you locate the best route of solution.

·         Increasing and ensuring your eligibility for employment.

Warrant Checks Online

If you are seeking the most convenient and quickest method of searching for a warrant in your name, you can definitely find a few great sources online, but that doesn’t mean that you can always trust any site that offers warrant checks. You should be diligent about your safety online, only paying sources that you know offer the right thing.

You also want to ensure that the check is thorough so you aren’t thinking that you have no warrants when you really do.

Checking Warrants in Person

You always have the right to visit various agencies in-person to complete a warrant check, with agencies including:

·         Police Department

·         Lawyer’s Firm or Office

·         Bail Bondsman Office

·         Court Records or Criminal Division

Just remember that if you are in person, the check isn’t discreet, and if in a police station, you will likely be taken in for the warrant if a warrant shows up. However, the other options offered can offer a great first step to the solution, offering a way to pay your bond before you go to jail so you don’t have to stay incarcerated waiting on bail, with a lawyer advising you from point A to point B.