NE New Driver’s License

When you are ready to get your new driver’s license, you want to make sure that you get it as soon as possible. You don’t want a wait or delay in your license, as it is the way you dominate the road and get the freedom in transportation that you have longed for so long. Getting your first-time driver’s license will include choosing the right type of license, which is determined by the vehicles you are going to drive and the type of driver you will be.

·         Standard Driver’s License: This license is used for standard vehicles of regular weight, such as cars, trucks, and vans.

·         Commercial License: This license is used for commercial vehicles of larger size such as trailers and semis that are much more challenging to operate.

·         Motorcycle License: This license is used for riding your motorcycle on public roads and streets, dictated by the type of motor bike as not all will require this license.

There are different forms of the commercial license, as well as other large truck operation licenses that depend on the weight of the vehicle as to your need for the license.

Any new driver under the age of 18 is automatically required to first obtain a learning permit before a standard unrestricted driver license in NE is issued. If you are over the age of 18 or have recently moved to the state from another where you held a valid license, the permit may not be required.

NEBRASKA Driver’s Education Courses

Driver’s Ed is always considered to be useful for teen drivers approaching the required age for a learner’s permit who are seeking training to get on the road. These classes, however, are intended for all new drivers, meaning that new adult drivers are also able to attend these courses. Driver’s Ed is a course that provides training in all the basic and pertinent mechanics of driving, ensuring that you are prepared for the real experience of driving on the roads.

If you are required to hold a learner’s permit, this course is also useful in providing the required practice hours to move on to a standard license.

Prepare for Licensing Written Test

You should prepare for your written test for licensing in the most appropriate manner, which includes the following resources:

·         NE Driver’s Handbook

·         NE Licensing Practice Tests

·         Third Party NE Practice Tests

·         Driver’s Education

·         Driver’s Training Courses

Find Your DMV Licensing Office

When you are ready to take your test and move forward towards a new driver’s license or permit, you should start with finding the right DMV licensing office.

·         Visit the DMV website and check the directory, or contact the DMV by phone to determine the closest location to you.

·         Search for the licensing office or offices that offer licensing in order to get your license.

·         Check hours of operation in order to ensure you arrive on time.

·         Check for the option of an appointment and schedule yours to avoid a time consuming wait or if required as well.

Prepare for the DMV Visit

Getting ready for your DMV visit means getting all the necessary documents and paperwork gathered so you only make one trip.

·         Driver’s license application appropriate for license type

·         Parent/Guardian consent for any driver under the age of 18

·         Proper proof of NE identification and address

·         Social Security Number

·         Driver’s license fee

Taking Your Licensing Written Exam

Now that you are prepared and have all the documents and paperwork requested by the DMV, it is time to take your written exam. This will take place at the driver’s licensing office along with your vision exam.

1.    Set appointment if available or required by DMV.

2.    Complete full test.

3.    The DMV will determine the amount of questions that must be answered correctly to pass.

4.    If passed, complete the vision exam and receive your permit or continue to the road exam and receive driver’s license if eligible.

If you fail the written test, you are given another option to retake, but your licensing will be delayed.

Get a Vehicle for Road Testing

Before you can take the NE licensing road exam, a currently registered and insured vehicle is required. You will take this vehicle out for the road exam, and before the test starts, the registration and insurance of the vehicle will be verified. If you haven’t gotten a vehicle yet, determine the appropriate measures for getting your vehicle, whether new or used. Utilize the great resources offered as well, including the vehicle history report which can verify the value of the vehicle.

Taking Your Road Exam in NEBRASKA

Once you have the vehicle ready, you will be eligible for your road exam if the other steps have been completed. In most offices, an appointment is required, while other offices urge you to schedule an appointment in order to ensure you are seen and able to complete the exam. If you are a new resident to the state from another state where you held valid licensing, you will not be required to complete this test to get your driver’s license.

Bring the following to the DMV office to take your road exam so you will be eligible to take it:

1.    Current learner’s permit or out of state license

2.    Valid photo ID

3.    Parent/guardian consent if under 18

4.    Vehicle with valid registration and current insurance coverage

5.    Licensed driver to accompany you during the exam if required

If the road exam is passed, you will then be issued a standard driver’s license, which is the signature of freedom and on-road responsibility. Never take your study resources for granted, as this will be the best way to ensure this is a one-time process that is successful in the end.