NE ID Cards

For those non-drivers in NEBRASKA, the best form of identification becomes the ID card. This card is just like the photo driver’s license, however, does not grant the privilege to drive, and will indicate that it is not a license. This card is often the first form of identification that is requested when confirming you are who you say, and often there are services or products you cannot receive without having an identification card to prove your age or identification.

·         Hotel Booking

·         Renting Vehicles

·         Boarding Planes

·         Purchasing Tobacco

·         Purchasing Alcohol

·         Getting Passport

To get your NE identification card, you will have to get to the DMV office, complete the simple steps – which do not include testing of any sort – and pay the appropriate fee for your ID card. The process is so easy and quick, and if you time your visit right or make an appointment if available, you can even walk in and walk out within only a few minutes.

·         Find the DMV office location nearest to your home.

·         Visit the DMV with your Application for Driver’s License/Identification Card

·         Provide proof that you live in the U.S. and the state – often two forms of mail and SSN or birth certificate – if you have another ID card, bring it with you

·         Check, money order, or cash if accepted in the amount of the cost for your ID

Proof of U.S. Citizenship Accepted by DMV

If you are getting your ID card, you have to be able to prove that you indeed belong to the country as a legal resident. There are various forms of proof that you can bring in, including one or more of these documents presented in original form, as photocopies can be altered, therefore aren’t acceptable.

·         U.S. birth certificate with raised seal

·         United State citizenship certificate

·         U.S. Naturalization certificate

·         United States Passport

Proving Your Residence in the State of NEBRASKA

If you want to prove your NEBRASKA residency to obtain your ID card, the DMV will ask for one or more of the following items:

·         Income tax receipts or records

·         Mortgage or rental documents stating address

·         Lease agreement

·         W-2 wages form

·         Weapons permit in NE

·         Utility bills in NE

Renew ID Card in NEBRASKA

Your ID is only valid for a specific amount of time, at which point you are going to need a renewal ID card, which replaces the expired on. In order to get your ID card renewal completed, you will have to visit the DMV again or determine which methods (mail and internet) are offered on the renewal notice sent to you, and complete the short steps.

1.    Receive your renewal notice in the mail.

2.    Determine the method offered to complete the ID renewal.

3.    Complete application and pay your ID card fee.

Photo ID Card Replacement in NE

1.    Complete the ID card replacement form.

2.    Write check or send money order to address listed on form.

3.    Receive your photo ID in person or by mail.

You will experience different fees based on your ID card records, expiration date, and other circumstances, but they remain along the same grounds. If you ever lose your ID, make sure you get a replacement right away as you will need to prove who you are and how old you are at some point.