NE Voter’s Registration

While you have the right to vote as a citizen and non-felon in the U.S., you are not permitted to do so without first registering to vote. Luckily, as you are seeking out other DMV driver services, the DMV office will also provide you with the option and means to voting registration, which offers a great convenience to you – while combining your services, especially those you think less about.

There are many different situations to register for voting in NEBRASKA, which include:

·         Just moving to the state from out-of-state.

·         Moving out of one NE county to another NE county.

·         Turning 18.

·         Receiving a new ID card in the state.

·         Obtaining your new driver’s license in NEBRASKA.

·         Non-registered but want to vote in the next election.

You can register to vote in more than one way, with the Department of State online offering a great source of voter’s information and registration information, including the how, when, where, and why to register to vote.

·         Requirements for voter’s registration.

·         How you can register for voting.

·         Registering to vote and preparing to vote for the first time.

·         Deadlines for voter’s registration for voting in elections.

You can receive a voter registration form online, which can be completed and mailed to the DMV or Department of State, as well as various other agencies that complete the process for you. If you have been registered to vote previously, but aren’t sure whether or not you are registered to vote within your county, you are able to also confirm your status online or by contacting the NE Department of State.

Registration for Voting

You must complete the voter’s registration application form to register for voting, which can be obtained online, by mail, or by visiting participating agencies throughout the state in your county. Once you receive the application, you will also receive instructions for completing registration, giving you a swift process that is easy to follow.

You can visit a county agency, or you could simply mail in the form to register for voting rights, after which you will receive a confirmation. In order to register, you will have to pick a political affiliation, which is your choice – and yours alone.

Many different agencies are known for offering voter registration, including:

·         Public assistance/service offices in the state

·         Armed Forces recruitment agencies and offices

·         Clerk of Courts

·         Independent living centers

·         Special education offices